Seablue Journal: Lyrical Ripples. The effervescence of a song.

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I've had this song going through my head for days! I'd be doing the dishes and suddenly burst into song. I'd be cooking and it would come out again. I'd be staring out at nature and it would drift into mind.

"I was alone, no one was there, I was alone no one was there..."
"I sat alone with the dreams of children..."

I'm terrible at remembering lyrics, so quite often this burst of song would wither into mumbled uncertainty. The real joy was the sense of connection with the song.

The ripples of the song reverberate within me, splashing over the edges at the strangest of times. The parts of the song that wash over the edges into my conscious mind call out for attention. There was only one way to move past this rippling pond. I had to explore it.

The song seems to speak of the crushing of young dreams in a modern age. The realization that these young dreams are the regenerating spirit and feeling alone in a nightmarish present. That's pretty dark.

I have my thoughts on what it is trying to tell me. I've been pushing myself into solitude for a while. I became disillusioned with the external world and retreated into my dreams. I haven't started waking in nightmares, but who knows! There is still time.

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