Seablue Journal: Making Major Changes.

in #steempress2 years ago

For those that might care or even wonder where I might be, I'm making some major changes.

Moved out, finding a new apartment and staying with friends. Change is always interesting. I'm recreating my life....again.

It is a busy time.

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time to recreate magical moments from the start :)

Wow, brave move. Would be interest to hear the backdrop one day. Hope all goes well.

God speed and good luck! I am making changes too. I was @RiskDebonair, but now I am someone else. I too am recreating my life after having my works/etc taken from me after being arrested as a potential terrorist.
It has been nice/growing for me being forced to restart and make new moves.

Well, I hope things are going well. I finally had to come looking for you. Wondering where you have been.

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