My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting: “Clock tower “

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today was very busy day for us, first because it was nice and warm we were outside and have had a nice walk and of course have had some ice-cream on the way back and spent nice afternoon in the garden.

Also back to my exercises with watercolor painting I thought to learn a bit to work with different layers, I like contrast therefore highlighted side and the side in shadow. The best form is of course a tower, I wanted to make it s sand-stone like. Of course just a tower would be not interesting after I have finished it I just randomly placed few shapes as houses and green for trees. Actually that was just to rid of white color.


So here it is my afternoon exercise, hope you like it.


My step-by-step process:





The finished painting:


Watercolor painting “Clock tower “ by @Stef1

Hot pressed watercolor paper A5, weight 200 gsm, watercolours colours in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes



@Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “CryptoArt”. Win 50 Steem and 750 CCC!



The deadline for submission is 24 September 2019, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners were announced on 26 September 2019.








I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)



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That is a really beautiful piece of art!

Thank you very much for stopping by and you nice comment :)

No problem!

Beautiful work on this painting. I can imagine the character from Assassin's Creed hiding up there, while the guards search for him, down below. 😂

Thank you can imagine what you mean, old buildings like that are something that always calling for adventure, isn't it

Yes, you are perfectly correct!

Love how the arts just transforms, Its beautiful!

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Thank you for nice words :)

Потрясающие оттенки! Мне очень нравится:)

Спасибо Таис за слова поддержки :)

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