On Wordpress, Steempress and Blogging off the Blockchain

in #steempress3 years ago (edited)

Well, I've gone and jumped on the Steempress Wagon. I already had a blog page off the blockchain, through blogger.com, but I was a bit frustrated with the lack of flexibility. However, I kept putting off changing to WordPress because...

Well, let's be honest. Because computery things scare the bejeezes out of me on a regular basis. When they are not situated in a hospital environment or attached to devices that emit ionising radiation, computers often seem like foreign creatures to me. Interesting, but impossible to understand.

However, hearing about the Steempress exploits of my friends was getting more and more intriguing.

If I'd had to do all of this alone, I probably would never have done it, but now that I've had some time to play with my new blog page, I couldn't be happier with the decision I made. Over the coming weeks, I'll gradually be transitioning my backlog of posts over to this new page to keep them all in an easy to navigate online library.

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I have never actually looked into making an account until recent. But the fact that some people have a professional job in 'setting up WP accounts' always made it too demotivating for me. Like a amateur can not pull it off.

Maybe I should give it another shot... hmm

If I can do it...

My biggest issue with maintaining blogs has been that I'll have plenty of ideas...and then the editing process takes me so long it makes the blog slow to a drag.

Don't be scared off by computery things. After all, once you learn them you'll be a computery professional.