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Repository: https://github.com/dtube

Project name: DTube


DTube (https://github.com/dtube/dtube) is a decentralized video platform in Steem's blockchain, where users can generate direct earnings through cryptocurrencies in relation to the social actions their videos obtain (likes).

In this post I want to talk a bit about the changes that are coming on DTube, which as many will know, is a platform where we can upload and share our videos as we do on YouTube, only we will be using the Steem blockchain.

One of the first things that has caught my attention is that in https://new.d.tube/ (Test Site), we can see an option to claim our username, this is important that you do to reserve the name that is to your liking, we already know that most will claim the same name from their Steem account, but hey, you never know.

You can also create a new kind of account where you must save your public key and your private key, this is obviously in case you want to access later from a new computer or if you lose your data already saved, let's say it will be your new "wallet" backup for DTube.

Another of the wonderful changes we will have is that you can upload videos from other social networks simply by placing the link.

Image 1: Uploading a YouTube video on DTube placing only the YouTube video link, this can also be done with other social networks such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Twitch.

DTC (DTube Test Coins) and VP (Voting Power)

Very soon DTube will change the way in which heals are performed, since they will start using their own token in Steem's blockchain and besides that, the DTubers must have VP to be able to interact in the platform, that is, we will win the new token and VP voting, commenting, among other social actions that the network allows us.

Image 2: Here we see the section where the available tokens will be and our VP in DTube.

We can also send the new DTube token to our favorite content creators, as shown in the image.

Image 3: Sending tokens from our portfolio to another user.

Improvements in search function and trend tags

Among other minor changes we can also add that the search function and the trend tag function will be improved, which as we can see in the Test Site, are working perfectly.

Image 4: Testing the search function and trend tags.

Change of site language

In the new and improved version of DTube we can also choose from a variety of languages ​​to configure it in the interface of the site, as we can do in the current version.

Image 5: Changing the site language.

Configure our voting power

In the new version of DTube we can configure our voting power with which we will vote the videos.

Image 6: Configuring our voting power in DTube.


And the last of the great new features that we can see in what will be the new version of DTube is the PALTube section, which apparently will be an association of the platform with the people of PALnet.io, since by selecting it we can see that The tokens generated by the videos are PAL tokens.

Image 7: Switching to PALTube.

Image 8: DTube interface when you switch to PALTube.


DTube is slowly becoming one of the great rivals for other non-decentralized video platforms, definitely these changes will be a great step forward and a joy for all users who upload their videos in this spectacular social network hosted on the Steem blockchain.

Note: this post is a translation from Spanish to English of my own post https://steemit.com/blog/@topcriptomonedas/dtubeylosespectacularescambiosquevienenenlaplataforma-o8n3ipj1eb


Hello, @topcriptomonedas. Thank you for your contribution. Indeed, Dtube is a game changer and has a lot of advantages over similar projects, especially the centralized ones. Bravo to the team behind the project.

That said, on the content side of this post, it is missing the following:

  • The content is not editorial (person views)
  • The post lacks in clarity
  • The post structure and quality are not decent.

What can you do to improve?

  • Get very acquainted with the project.
  • Use third party software such as Grammarly to edit and improve your content before you publish.
  • Share your personal views and thoughts about the overall project, and perhaps specific features.
  • Before you publish, put your readers into great consideration and do not forget to share as many resources as you can. (Possibly, allow 2-3 people to go through your post and make them give you honest feedback)

These are just a few things you could improve on your next contribution. You might also want to consider going through some of the blog posts published via Utopian to have a good feel on how to make your post stand out.

I appreciate your kind effort in trying to promote Dtub and I look forward to your next contribution.

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Hello friend, thanks for the advice, I will try to improve.

Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!

Guys, this is great news - I'll go buy STEEM and popcorn

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