Nice tones - Nice entry! :)) THanks

People Photography by Worldcapture Week 50 - Doberman

Very fresh, just from today's evening newest photoshoot at local tattoo studio. Complete steampunk outfit with additional accessories. Nice Doberman wallpaper in studio which actually was main idea to try to implement into the final picture

Somehow black and white version worked for me much better than color this time...

Available artificial light combined with two scorpion LED lights to lighten the model and the wall

Post production and color grading in LR+PS



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing this image!

Good night! Here's my entry for Week 50!

Don't Drop That Ball!

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Thanks for always participating in my contest! Cool shot! :))

Hey @worldcapture, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

As an early Christmas present (...for me or for you or for whomever...) I find myself participating once more ~ 😆🌟 ~ ✨

Glad to see you back! Thanks for participating again :))

My pleasure ~ ✨✨ ~ <3

Ha! Now that is a cool shot :D Thanks for sharing it :))

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 14 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Have a nice contest!
Good luck to all!

Hello! I am back in the game with this shot:

Glad to see you back! :))

Merry Christmas Chris have a great one 🎅 🎄 🎅

People Photography by Worldcapture - Week 50 - A Beautiful Christmas Smile !!


Take your pick 🙂


Merry Christmas my friend and thanks for sharing this great image! :))

Thank you Chris and you have a great one 🎅 🎄 🎅

At the very last moment, my entry:

Thank you for the cool contest!

Ha! It still counts :)) Thanks for sharing this image! :))

👍 👍 👍

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