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@xopus offers a full professional hosting and maintenance of your steempress site with some extras. If you create a subdomain with @xopus, you will be added to a curation trail that will give you one upvote every 24 hours regardless if steempress upvoting your post or not. Also, you will get a referral bonus of one Steem for each new blogger you send to @xopus. All these features allow @xopus to claim that it is a self-paid service, you will recover the fee at the end of the month an possibly get a percentage of profit from using @xopus.

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@xopus is one of the three main projects currently developed by @chronocrypto. All three are the first lights of a steem-based ecosystem called Chronopolis

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://www.blog.xopus.io/?p=12


So now I only need to send 2 Steem
In memo section there should be the name of my blog.
That's all.

Correct send 2 STEEM with the name of your blog that you want.

@xopus that’s brilliant ideas. Upvoted and resteemed your post.


Thank you very much.

I already have one blog with Steempress, so if I create another blog with you, then, will Steempress upvote my both blogs?

You can create another blog yes but it will be attached to your steemit account.

Amazing <3!! <3 <3

Thank you.

I don't know how to start. Do I need to buy a domain name or just use your subdomain. I would like to try with this price. Please reply me.

No you send 2 STEEM to @xopus in the memo you include the name of your blog that you want.

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