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RE: All grain brew day

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Congratulations on your graduation!
Just to mention, that a whole hour at 65 degrees is not needed, because the Beta-amylase loses its power after 40 minutes at that temperature. Try after 40-45 minutes of mashing at 65, to heaten up to 71-71 degrees for 15 minutes... There works the Alpha-Amylase. This way you will be sure to have a full conversion of the Starch into fermentable sugars.


Thank you for the tip! I will keep that in mind for the next one.

Anyway, this rosemary, bayleaf and rose addition sounds interesting. Maybe the result will be nice!

I certainly hope so. I 'dryhopped' a kit once with rosemary, lemonbalm, spiced chai, oranges and lemon mint; no hops at all and that one turned out really nice, unconventional but still clearly a beer.
It's one of the beers I sent @buzzbeergeek, and it has just about matured now, so we'll see what he thinks about that one.

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