Some thoughs about the steem ecosystem after hitting 1 million accounts

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This is truly the best place I found on the internet. At the beginning of this year, on the 3rd of January which was bitcoin's 9th birthday, I called work and told them I will be coming in to sign my resignation. This was exactly after de December bull run in the crypto market which gave me more confidence that I should have, but everything seems to have turned great.

In February we started forming the @steemromania community, a prosocial endeavor that starts growing in a very interesting direction. Most of the core team is interested in ways we can use the steem ecosystem to generate positive change in the world around us, and that is great. We will have a meet-up next Saturday to discuss applying for a grant to further our prosocial goals and I am really excited to see what we will come up with, but I bet it will be something solid and worthwhile.

I also recently been selected to be part of the @tribesteemup community, which is a major support that motives me to write more often and also keep a high-level quality in my content. I have some very interesting things I want to propose to this community because everything is centered around conscious content creators and almost 200 of us can create a real cultural difference in this ecosystem. I will come back with more details and some ideas soon.

And thirdly, I was also blessed to have the opportunity of starting working with @sorin.cristescu on a very interesting, revolutionary and truly necessary blockchain project and this opportunity came because I shared my thoughts on blockchain and technology here on steem. I am in the middle of mentally projecting the argumentation and implications of this technology, more to come on this soon.

Basically, this platform gave me the opportunity to become a better and better version of myself. I started valuing coherency more and more and arrived at a point in which my thoughts have the clearest form in my life, but this is just the start.

I am also blessed to meet a lot of people that want to work towards a higher goal and are also willing to put in the time and passion to do it. And the projects that are unfolding here are truly revolutionary, I expect @utopian-io and @steemSTEM to produce a lot of open source technology that has real-world applications. Plus all the other communities focused on content which create a rewarding framework for those that put in the effort.

To sum up, I am living the best and most rewarding period in my life and the steem ecosystem is the central piece! Thank you all!


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The truth is that nobody, not even @dan and @ned could have guaranteed that it would turn out this way. But it appears to work out how they hoped it would: you come for the rewards, you stay for the community