This school is very beautiful 10-04-2021

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Hello Assalam Walekum Streamer I hope all the statement friends are fine And i'm fine thank god And I have been sitting free for a while and I am very much benefited from this, I want every person to work well with them and we can gain more from the leader's next person. School is very good and lovely because this school is for us but I am this school is very good because in school we also get a lot of benefit because too many children learn long and start from school. Feel good with them so that a person can sleep free sex from each other and that is why we should do men and 57 together with them so that more and more children can study and shout at school. And here you can not see who it is. There are too many children playing and there are also divorce schools which are visible to you as well. Yes, we can not see that the children have been studying in the school and Ilam Bihar government should work on us as much as possible so that we should work with them more than each other so that we are on the path of progress in the madrasa We should not do more than this and try so that we can get some benefit from it so that we can get longer than others. We benefit a lot from school, from that school we are given some things which are very suitable for us, so the same type of things are used by Muslims, which can also cause us something. Here you can see that these schools are very cute and good, which also benefits us, this school is such a city from which we should see a lot of things And at some time, there is a lot of benefit from such a school, this is a school, what is the name of Allah Tala that a person helps in reading and writing, and it is like good works to go along with us and give us a lot of health too. Ok, you have reached your school and I will study for a while, after studying, I will go back to my house and I am going back to my house, Allah Hafiz .