My Relatives

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Siblings are younger or older relatives of men and women. This relationship includes the status of biological children of parents as well as cousins ​​and adopted children. Traditionally, the vocation of siblings also applies to a vocation of someone who is formally respected.

In semantics, the word sibling can be used to refer to a second person singular or plural. The feminine form of brother is sister. Many are so busy chasing wealth that they forget their family. Even though without us knowing it, family is an invaluable treasure, the beauty of being together.Being able to make a happy family is the happiest moment in life.

If we are sincere in striving for the happiness of family life, God will facilitate and show us the way.Togetherness with the family is more valuable than anything.

A good family begins with love, is built with compassion, and is nurtured with loyalty.Don't be afraid to try new things, reach your dreams. But remember, no matter where you go, the family you come back to.

Family is the most important thing we have, which will never change and is always there when needed.Better to live a simple but meaningful life, rather than living in luxury but sacrificing family love.

Don't forget the people who helped us when we were in big trouble. They are family.The family is the best place for us to learn about sacrifice.Show a smile in front of the crowd, cry in front of friends, sacrifice in front of family, a sense of gratitude before God.

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