Adding to the Stack in 2019


Well a little while back @mikepm74 offered up some silver from Mike's Coin Shop. I immediately saw two pieces I wanted and called dibs. Well I checked back the next day and saw some were still available. Well needless to say I had to pick up the the rest of what he had. All at under spot!!!😁 😎 ☠️


Check out this package! This thing is huge. It was packed nicely as well. Although it took me a little bit to post about it I did recieve it super fast.


Eight pieces of shiney to add to the stack! Also all the rounds were on capsules which I didn't expect. Thanks for that Mike! I'll get to posting some more picks of them later, maybe in a little series.



Ah damn, I have to follow him to keep an eye out for these! That dragon bar, I've been eyeing that for a while!

He originally had two of the dragons up. I only took one for whatever reason and the other was gone within minutes lol.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Love that dragon bar! Badass man!

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