Ground Find


I was walking up to the jeep before work the other day. I happened to be looking at the ground when something shiney caught my eye. I bent down to pick it and this is what I found. It appears to be a small gold chain, possibly a child's. It seems to have broke at the clasp.


The thing has no markings on it so i can't tell what it is. Honestly I'm not even sure it's real gold... Maybe 10k at best. I did think it was neat to find though so I will add it to the other scalp jewelry I have come across in the past. Anyone else find any good ground finds lately?


Nope no luck with finds lately, but hey even if its 10k that is nothing to shake a stick at.

Hey I'll definitely take it when I can get it for the price lol

I can't recall ever finding anything on the ground like that. Although, I'm not the luckiest person by far either.