Secret Santa Just Made my Day!


Hi everyone! I went to pick up my mail earlier and has an awesome surprise waiting for me. Apparently I was good this year because I got a package from the North Pole!


Well thanks to the holiday mail looks like I don't have to wait at all!!! Although I was kind of dying in anticipation.


I really liked the personal touch with the note. Especially the boom 💥 I have to assume my secret Santa knows my affection for things that go boom.


Finally i got to the actual piece 🤤. I've always been a fan of the spartan helmet logo as well as the Molo labe slogan and always admired it in silver.


I've wanted one of these forever!!! Now I have no idea who my secret Santa is as they didn't even leave a return address. However they must know me. I don't know if they saw me comment before that I wanted one but I am super greatful to have gotten it 😁😎☠️ I love my ar15s so this is prefect for my stack. I've always liked the 3% logo also and it looks good on the round.

Well thank you Santa you made me very happy!



Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That is an awesome round! Secret Santa is great and I can't wait for next year.

Oh, congrats!! What a great gift! ;)

WOw those are so cool gifts from your Secret Santa

Have a great day

That’s a really cool version bro. Wonder who makes it.

Now that’s a great Secret Santa!!!

💥Boom💥 motherfucker! It wasn’t me...

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