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RE: 2018 Silver Steem Round: Introductory Post - Community Input Requested!

in #steemsilvergold4 years ago (edited)

It would be great if we could buy them with Steem or SBD, especially if we have months to save up n HODL it all for stacks of Steem coin

You can even auction some of the better numbers off, like 222 777 and the such.


You will be able to buy the coins with Steem! The integration is already in place!! SBD is a little tougher because it is supposed to be pegged 1:1 with the USD. But you can always convert your SBD to Steem!!

Yes those definitely go as a premium compared to regular coins on the secondary market! Some people are selling the 2017 version for Steem/SBD still!

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