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Tired of talking to the same damn people every day of your quarantine?

Check out THIS POST from @summertooth!

Come chat! It’ll be a good time. 10AM US Pacific (daylight) Time.



Or Hive Silver Gold, or Silver Gold Hive, or Silver Gold Stackers?.... 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Ohhh no....We have a live Facebook video streaming at 10AM tomorrow...Say nice things about @silvertop LOL!😇

Always! ❤️

I have some questions about @silvergoldstackers:
As we are on both steemit and hive and the month is ending, should we send steem and hive to @ssg-community?
The same quantity to each one?
Would @ssg-community rather receive delegations or crypto?

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This is more of a @welshstacker question. And personal preference. Votes will come (for now) from both accounts. This is what @welshstacker shared in discord. Whatever you delegated to ssg-community should have carried over on the hive split. You can designate different amounts on either chain.

Thank you, my friend. I will ask Welshie.

Here am I. Alone in a lonely isolation house. Ready to rumble with SSG. Let's chat y'all.

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