If it looks like Christmas...

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Today we had our first snow of the season and of 2020


Looking across the yard towards my neighbor’s home.

It is a bit hit or miss in the greater Seattle area for snow. Sometimes we get a lot (for us). Other times a winter could go by with no snow at all. Today we had more than a dusting, but the city didn’t shut down as it has during snow storms past.


Our side yard.

Well wouldn’t you know... I am a sloth when it comes to taking down my holiday decorations. This year it paid off. The tree looks so nice inside with the snow outside! 🤣😂🤣


Actually I have already taken down THREE boxes of decorations! I bet you can’t tell! 🤣😂

With the tree still up and snow on the ground, today seems like the perfect time to show off some...



This Christmas season I added four ounces of Christmas themed silver to my stack. I also picked up a sweet Christmas copper round from @summertooth. Today I shall focus on the silver.

Each of the four pieces is one Troy oz and .999 fine. Three are silver rounds. One is a coin, minted for the island nation Niue.

First up is the secular star of Christmas... Santa Claus!


I might have this one already... but silver is silver.

Then, I ran, ran as fast as I could... and came home with this spunky gingerbread man round.


I like the scroll edge on this one. Very gingerbread house esque.

Coming in hawt 🔥 at number three... a gorgeous winter scene!


I would love to plonk myself down right in the middle of this peaceful winter wonderland.

The last piece and only coin of the bunch... it’s Santa Mickey Mouse!


Being Disney, this is sure to appreciate over time.

I love Christmas and I love silver. It is great to be able to add to my collection without actually spending money. I merely exchanged paper currency for another type of currency.



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More Global Warming goodness descends upon Seattle, from once every 10 years to once a year now.......Mt. Rainier must be beautiful this year

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😄 We get snow every year. Well, most years. We had more when I was a kid, but this snowfall seems pretty standard. Last year was one of those 10 year blasts. I doubt we will see snow with such staying power for several more years.

The snowpack in the mountains is still behind where It should be compared to year’s past.

As for Mt Rainier... we’ve had too much rain and clouds to see it for a bit. 😄

That is such beautiful wiew, looks like out of a winter land movie 😊 love it and that christmas silver coin is amazing. I wish for snow but I don't think it ever comes. I like the moji of you on the slade 😁 lol

Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures and making me smile 🤗🌹❤️🥰 much love

No snow for you? Is Malmo too close to the water or too south to not be guaranteed snow every year?

I love snow days. We don’t get them often, so I try to soak them in when they are here. 😍

Looks very nice. Your tree is still up??? Yes you love your holiday rounds.

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My tree is still up. I am surprised I got half the ornaments off already. One year I didn’t get it all down until the day before Easter! 😂🤣🤣 Shameful.

That’s funny

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I love to see pictures of snow, but I hate when it is snowing in Toronto, when I am visiting my daughter. I am a true tropical man!

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Yes, I would imagine Toronto gets a lot more snow than Vancouver ever did on your visits.

“Tropical man” 😍 🌴 🏖 🌺 🍹 ☀️ 🐠

Oh my...I believe we are in the same club @dfinney...I must confess our tree is still up too!😀
I love all the shiny, but the snow....I am a hard core ski, Snowmobile guy but.....
I will give you all of this snow and wind, we are at 10 degrees and the wind is howling!😳

10F?!!!! That is the price you pay living in inland Whatcom county. 😉 The snow in town is making me crave a snow getaway. Nice cozy cabin.... fireplace.... hot toddies.... 🤤

That sounds nice....Now you need to go outside and cut some more firewood LOL!😇🤗😳
I will be inside with the hot toddies!😀

I like the third one the best, but they are all awesome! (our tree is still up, too!) . Have a wonderful and warm evening. It's 10 degrees here as I type! Brrrr!!!



You guys stay warm too!

My tree is still up too !

My Mom always gets real trees. When she takes the ornaments off of it, she leaves the lights and puts it out on her back patio..... then hopes for snow, so she can turn the lights on under the snow.

Pretty snow photos.

Omg!!! I love your mom. What a brilliant idea!

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Omg. So glad our winter has been mild thus far. No snow which I’m totally fine with

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I heard it was super warm in the east coast a few days ago. 69F in NYC, 70F in Boston. I like the snow (cause it is rare here) but I won’t be sad for summer weather to come back.

Just hold out a bit longer and celebrate Christmas in July..




I know. Sarcasm isn't my only quality

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It must be lovely out there, sis!!!! WOW! Snow!!! Just beautiful!
And those Christmas silver .. I think that you have the most extensive Christmas silver in SSG! Do you think that the Disney Christmas Nuie will be a series? Those are very nice! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Have a fabulous day, my sweetest sis. Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a ton Hugs 🤗

It is still snowing today! I decided to work from home. The roads at our place are much icier than yesterday. I suspect it will all be back to rain by Thursday.

As for the Nuie... I don’t know. I tend to think of all the Mickey pieces as being part of a series even If they aren’t. Well I take that back. Sort of. Disney seems to release colorized stuff, high premium non-colorized and then they have these low premium releases. I try to buy the low premium ones because their value seems to escalate quickly. 🤣😂 Not that I ever sell them. But the sorcerers apprentice Mickey round, I bought for $23 maybe.... now it is valued at $50. Such collectibility with Disney stuff. I have another one coming in the mail. It is a Mickey and Minnie Valentine coin. 😍

Those pics could make a postcard
So white the snow, it looks gorgeous... :D

Ahhh thank you! The snow is pretty while it lasts. And staying home to enjoy it is an added bonus.😍

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