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Happy Valentine’s Day Steemit!


Here’s a Valentine’s coin to kick off the celebrations!


Why it’s the original love”mice”, Mickey and Minnie.

This lovely Disney licensed coin is one ounce of .999 fine silver. It has a face value of $2 Niue and a limited mintage of just 15,000. I like the Disney coins because they have a collectible value for both silver collectors and Disney fans. I have watched most of my Disney coin purchases increase in value. And really, you can’t get more Disney than Mickey and Minnie.


As for Valentine’s Day celebrations, I have given the house a few festive touches. We don’t go Valentine’s nuts. However, I do like to decorate for all the holidays. Valentine’s is a nice excuse to add a bit of red around the place.


Dining room.

Yes, that is a dachshund Valentine’s balloon! When you own dachshunds like me, you tend to buy all the wiener dog things. At least 2 Valentine’s cards I found for my husband this year have dachshunds on the cards! 😂🤣

Dachshund balloon.


Not the cards... but SOOOO cute! 🥰😍

We usually just exchange cards for Valentine’s Day. I get my hubs chocolates, he brings home flowers. Mom and Dad stock us up with chocolates too. We might go to dinner tonight. Nothing crazy, just chill.


My husband and I in 2000! Our first Valentine’s Day together. We were just 24 and 25 years old. Babies! 😄

I hope everyone in Steem land has an awesome day.

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Same to you... though now very, very late. How’s your mom?

Thank you @dfinney, My Mom's adjusting to new routines and Nursing staff are getting to understand her needs and preferences. Our goal now is to move her into the regular accommodations as soon as the Staff and I are convinced that she won't pose any out-of-the-blue flight risk. She has Parkinsons with occasions of onset dementia as her diagnosis. She was declining in her abilities over the last year since a head injury over a year ago.
OMG, I may end up like her, I don't want to be such a burden on my kids.

Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

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Happy very belated valentine’s to you friend! 😍

Firstly... what a beautiful coin!!! You make me jelly!!!
Secondly, you have a lovely way of fixing and decorating your home and always do so with the changes in seasons and for celebrations/occasions! And you not only do it for your home but make your office as festive too by doing it there too!
Thirdly.... what a lovely couple you and your hubby make! And may I say that you are beautiful!
❤️Happy Valentines Day, ❤️my sweet sis @dfinney!
Take care 🌺🥰🤙

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Hello friend, you say the nicest things! I am so sorry I have been so very absent from Steemit. I am hoping life settles down here sooner than later. Hope you have been having all lovely days.

Happy days sweet D!

Hope yours was a good one too!

Happy V-Day Dfinn❤

Same to you! 💕

Let's see that makes you two how old.....😇
A very Happy Valentines day @dfinney😍, and I LOVE the floating dachshund !!!🤗

😂🤣 Going to be 46 this summer! But still feel like a wee kiddo. 😁

Hope you and @elizabethbit had a great Valentine’s too!

Wishing both of you many, many more years together!!🤗
It was a wonderful Valentines Day with my best friend!!😍

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