Marvel’s Venom

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It is time to share my latest acquisition and the newest release in the Marvel coin series.



Venom is the eighth release in the Perth Mint’s Marvel Comic coin series. Produced as legal tender for the island nation of Tuvalu, this coin has a face value of $1. Its weight is 1 troy oz and the coin itself is composed of .9999 pure silver. Only 50,000 of these coins will ever be minted.


Previously the coin series focused on Marvel’s superheroes. Earlier featured characters include Spider-Man, Ironman, Thor, Dead Pool, the Hulk, Black Panther and Captain America. However, this coin features a Marvel villain! Will subsequent coins continue down the same path? 🤷🏻‍♀️

But who is Venom?


Venom is an alien Symbiote that first appears on earth in the form of a black suit/costume. Spider-Man finds this “costume” and decides it will make the perfect upgrade to his own spider suit. However, it is soon discovers that the Symbiote has malicious intentions and wishes to permanently bond with its host. After a battle between Spider-Man and his costume, Spider-Man succeeds in removing the Symbiote and discards it on the grounds of a cathedral.

Weird, but it doesn’t end here.

Flash forward... As a Symbiote, the costume absorbs the powers of his hosts. So now this black costume/creature has all the spidey senses. On top of that he is PISSED at Spider-Man. So, the Symbiote finds a new “host” in the form of a man named Eddie Brock.

Eddie Brock is a journalist who has been fired for accusing the wrong man of being a serial killer. In his disgrace, Brock is depressed, filled with rage and suicidal. The Symbiote senses Brock’s anger and “destructive nature”, and decides to make Brock its next host. The moment Brock slips into the black costume/Symbiote Venom is born. Venom’s singular focus is the destruction of Spider-Man and he serves as Spider-man’s arch nemesis for the next two decades.

Comic writers certainly come up with unusual plot lines...


The obverse side of the Marvel Venom coin features an image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This side of the coin also lists its mint date (2020), the coin’s fineness/purity (9999) and the country of issue (Tuvalu). This design appears on every Marvel coin with the mint date being the only difference between each.


Keep on stacking!


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My kids were soooooo into Spiderman but Venom hardly appeared in most animated versions and movies. It was the comic books where they were introduced to this character. Meanwhile, I was checking out Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Darn, there should coins with Ninja turtles!

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Got mine in the mail Monday. Guess ill waot to post it. Glad they continued the series, it was suppose to end at 6 coins. There are still main heros and villians they are missing. Nice pick up

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😍🤩😀 WOAOW!!
You got the new VENOM... Thats awsome, Its The only one I don’t have yet and I have been Keeping an eye out for it.
I love that Marvel collection so much.
Thank you for sharing and now I need to get me one to 😜 lol

Wow amazing

That’s an interesting combination, the Venom on one side and the Queen on the other!
The Perth mint keeps cranking out very nice Silver!👍😊🤗

A BEAUTIFUL addition to your fast G-R-O-W-I-N-G collection! I love it!!!!
Take care, my sweet sis, @dfinney Take care🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs🤗

Frign badass! #wishlist I see @saffisara already saw this 🤪 love these ones.

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Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Wait.. what?!
There's even a Marvel coin collection?
This is all so new to me.... where have I been?!! haha
I have to say the Spiderman one looks really cool