MORE SILVER!!! Today's Purchase - 2018 Australian Kookaburra

Check out my New 2018 Australian Kookaburra!!!

I just picked this bad boy up from a local coin shop today before work and I must say it is a great addition to my collection. I went in to pick up some currency sleeves for some of the rare star notes I've been holding and ended up buying this Kookaburra on an impulse buy instead.

As always... here's the photos, let me know what you guys think:




That's all I have for today, I hope you guys liked this post. I will be making more posts like this frequently. Thanks for stopping by, make sure to follow @epicdesigns for more precious metal content.

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Very nice coin. I gotta get back to buying more silver. Great share bro.

Thank you. And yes you should!

Awwww.... that is an awesome coin... and great to collect! Stack on, my friend!

Very cool coin, can never go wrong with kook’s! Keep stackin!!👊👊

thank you :) and that's my plan!

The 2018 Kook is a great one from a great series.