My First SILVER Quarter! 1954 D Washington Quarter

This is my First and Only Silver Quarter...

hope you guys enjoy


20180712_090624 (1).jpg


I've never found a silver quarter in circulation except for this one... It was about a year ago when I was getting some fast food and the cashier handed me this back with the rest of my change.. I immediately spotted it's white tone and almost freaked when I saw it's date... 1954 meaning its SILVER... My first piece of junk silver. Yay!!! Anyways I decided to pull this baby out to snap some pictures to show you guys. Hope you enjoyed :)

That's all I have for today, I hope you guys liked this post. I will be making more posts like this frequently. Thanks for stopping by, make sure to follow @epicdesigns for more precious metal content.

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@epicdesigns great post and congrats on getting in in circulation!! Coin roll hunting seems to be the only way for me to find them. No coin star or change finds for a very long time nut I still look lol. Keep up the awesome precious metals post buddy!!

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Beauty, they don't make em like that anymore!

Very handsome quarter there. Silver wears complexly differently than our modern quarters. It looks, feels, sounds and smells different than the modern coin. @ironshield

Nice score! It is rare to still find silver in your change these days. In fact, it is getting more and more rare to even find copper pennies in your change. Oh well, at least nickles are still 95% copper and worth twice their face value in metal content.