The S&P futures market has been all over the place, including -50, fair value adding another 20 points to the downside. World markets at -3-4% , following the US lead overnight. The open will be interesting, will the BTD crowd buy and get slammed down like yesterday. Will anyone want to hold stocks into the week-end.

It’s here

The big short part 2

I'll be on my way to my LCS in the morning to lock in some of these PM discounts in the ounce and a kilo should cure my fiat currency accumulating in my wallet.

This could be the big one, like 1929 reloaded. And we all know how bad that was, and how long the recovery took. A full decade basically, filled with unemployment, soup kitchens and homeless people. In other words, full of social dynamite.
The only ones who made it through a little bit better, were those with hard assets like PM or real estate. And everybody perhaps becomes a billionaire, like it happened in Germany, when a bread roll cost 5 billion Reichsmark.
There is a old joke from those days:
Two guys meet on the street, one says to the other: "Damn it, I just went to the bakery with a wheel barrel full of money, to buy a bread. On the way I set it down just for a moment to pee in the public toilet. And when I came back out, someone had dumped all the money on the side walk and ran off with the wheel barrel!"