20 Silver Peace Dollar Unboxing! (RW Silver Coins)

Silver Unboxing.jpg

The Best Way To Treat Yourself Is To Buy Constitutional Silver

So that's just what I did!

This purchase wasn't from any well-known company but from a small operator called RW Silver Coins, ran by a guy named Rich.

I had purchased from him before by way of eBay. In his package he let me know I could join his mailing list by sending him an email, so I did.





They came in double pocket flip sleeves, which is pretty nice.

But the best part of silver like this is that you can hold it in your hand without worries about tarnishing it.



I like to feel the heft of the coins and think about their history. What they purchased and what life was like back then.

As of today, coinflation says that a silver dollar has $11.93 worth of silver in it. These coins have a premium as people desire them, so you can expect to pay at least around $17 per coin.

I got this order of 20 Peace Dollars from RW Silver for $330 including shipping. That's a pretty fair price today.

If you want to get on RW's mailing list, you can contact him here: [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/rwsilvercoins/

(I'm not affiliated with RW in any way)


But the best part of silver like this is that you can hold it in your hand without worries about tarnishing it.

That sounds awesome! I can only ever touch my silver with clean cotton gloves, which I only do for repackaging purposes :(

Dude, get you some circulated silver coins from back in the day. It's great to hold it!

Sadly silver is not that popular in my country and we have no old coins native to our area. I would have to import, and that would make it a costly exercise :(

Great pickups!

Very cool man! I will have to get me a few of those someday! :)
They look awesome.

Hey, you are too busy traveling around right now!

Great add deer stack, silver dollars are a serious hole in my stack. I always tend to go for $0.50 or lower 90% silver coins or jumped .999. I am totally jealous of your new coins

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No need to be jealous, just have to get some yourself!

I know this sounds Crazy but I like The Full Set of Peace Dollars in The Old Library of Coins Albums........

Nothing wrong with that! I have never been one to care much about making a set - rather just getting as much as I can!

I know what you mean. Less Collecting to accumulating more Ounces.................

Very nice, you know there is something so cool about the old silver coins over the new eagles. Maybe it is the history that they have lived through and are still a part of. And the best part is you have no fear of placing a few in your bare hand and chinkiling them around a bit. Such a great sound, such a great feel... such a satisfaction. Stack on Sir!

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