NOW It's REALLY Time To Buy Gold & Silver

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I Guess I Was Just Early

I might have said to stack cash and called the start of the recession 6-weeks before the market started crashing in October.

I might have said to get out of Bitcoin back when it was over $12,500.

Ok, I might have been about a year early with my call to purchase Silver.

And I am certainly not always right.

But damn if I don't see precious metals as the best darn investment right now.

You know why?

Well, the market is crashing. It's not going to come back up before it gets way worse and people lose their jobs and, soon after, their homes.

You see, the stock market cycle (investments) and the economic cycle (jobs) do not happen at the same time.


I don't have the time to write about everything right now, but check out the articles I have linked (especially the recession one). Do your own research.

Because, soon, the companies will start laying off people en masse. Prepare yourself.

Gold moving 12212018.png

Today, while the stock market fell over 464 points, or 2%, the gold index GDX was up 4%. This was the first time, to my knowledge, that anything related to gold and precious metals hit the most active chart. Precious metals have been all but dead this year. But now people are running into it. I predict this rush will only increase.

So save cash.

If you have a lot of cash, buy some precious metals.

If you have a lot of cash and precious metals, buy some miners. (I like Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd ([KL]) right now)

Just don't get married to it as there will be a time to sell it all. Just like the farmer investor says, there is a time to sow and a time to reap.

I believe your future self will thank you.


It's hard to call all of them correctly. I think you're right on this one though. It may take some time to see the benefit of it if the spot market stays low, but the fundamental value of it is high. I would lean more toward the physical asset over any paper products, even if they are shares of a mining company. That's just my opinion though.

The stock market is certainly looking toppy. Definitely a good time to be in metals. Congrats on another good call :)

The problem comes down to

"Its an atomic bomb, there is no where to run to." - Young Einstein.

As we look at all of the Weimar Germany's and the Zimbabwe's we can see that it was important to get out of that currency.

There was one thing to run away from, and there was several things to run to.

Now, we have a tsunami of "financial assets" crashing.

The stock market will not only crash (just as soon as the FED stops pumping it) but many of the companies are going to implode. BigPharma is going to implode. BigAg is going to collapse. BigTech is going to become outdated. The S&P 500 list is going to look like someone took a shotgun to it.

The bond market is going to be all right, right up until its not. We all know that the govern-cements are going to default on their debts. Its just a matter of when. Anyone up for buying Venezuelan Bonds?

The US$ is going to hyperinflate. The signs of it happening are all around us. The chickens are coming home to roost.

And it isn't local. Its global.

Fortunately, we have cryptos and silver.
Cryptos will be the next money. We are still in the days when Apple was a penny stock.
And silver will see a spike in demand so great that there will be people going door to door to buy silver. Silver is a unique metal, and its properties are going to be needed for the sci-fi world that is coming.

guess, I will travel less and save up some cash this year.

I Don't OWN any Stock and I was a Stock Broker for almost 28 Years. I Feel Good about Shiny Metals. Got SILVER ??

Great advice, too bad I am currently trying to sell my silver :(, need to fund a steemit project yet I will replace it soon enough! (know anyone buying silver for STEEM?)

I think everyday is a good day to buy physical money. Bright and shiny and clinks like holiday bells.

I'll give you my fiat for your gold, and I'm risking.


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Great article... short, simple, factual... yeah... stack on!!!

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