SD Bullion Silver Coin Unboxing - 20 Ounces of Shiny

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SD Bullion Silver Coin Purchase.jpg

Cyber Monday Silver Purchase.

Silver is just so cheap right now that I felt the need to add a bit more to the pile. Since it was Cyber Monday I searched around for any of the silver dealers offering the best bang for the buck.

This year, I felt the best overall deal was at SD Bullion. I have heard of them and looked around their site before but I had never purchased from them before.

They were offering one coin at spot as well as decent prices for the rest. I had a few carts on different sites open with 20 ounces in each, and SD came in at the best price so I went with them.

SD Bullion Shipping Box.jpg

"SD Bearings Supply" sent the package. You know you can't just go around advertising that the package contains silver and a box with bearings would weigh a lot for its size too. Good camo there.

SD Bullion Shipping Paperwork.jpg

Paperwork included. Interesting that the price I paid is not on the invoice.

20 oz of Silver.jpg

One tube and one single coin in a plastic floppy coin holder.

SD Bulion Sunshine Mint Cyber Monday Spot Price.jpg

Front and back of the Sunshine Mint coin that I got at spot price.

RMC Coin Front.jpg

RMC Coin Back.jpg

19 RMC Coins.jpg

I had ordered "Generic Silver" on the SD Bullion website since it was the cheapest price. I got 19 coins from the Republic Metals Corporation. I am happy with that as RMC just recently filed for bankruptcy. If they don't get restructured and go out of business permanently it might make these more valuable in the future.

SD Bullion Silver Coin Purchase.jpg

The money shot.

It is not a big purchase but it is making my treasure grow. Silver is just so cheap I can't imagine it getting much lower than it is today. The silver to gold ratio is obscenely high at 86 right now.

Silver is at $14.15. I think we will look back at this price and be kicking ourselves for not buying with both hands.


Sweet buy my man! I haven't grabbed any silver since January, need to get me some more.

It always feels good to pile on a bit more.

AWESOME additions to your stack! Very nice.

@getonthetrain Great Job and Yes The RMC rounds will become More Scarce if They aren't going to make anymore..........................

I'm also really surprised how low the price is, especially when you consider the silver to gold ratio.

I think we will look back at this price and be kicking ourselves for not buying with both hands.

That's my thinking as well. It's just that we still need dollars to buy groceries, and it's difficult to know when the prices will shift, so for now we buy what we can.

Congrats on adding the new shiny to the stack!

Would you be interested in joining #steemsilvergold? I saw you used the tag, but I didn't see you on the membership list. If so, I'd be happy to nominate you.

Uh sure. I still owe an investment article for GoldMoney. It hasn't left my mind, just waiting on signs that gold and crypto are going to take off again. :D

I bought most of my silver early 2014 and have not seeen a rebounce (to 20 USD) since. Hope I grow old so I can still sell with a profit.

Those are beautiful, enjoy them. I also just got 30 Silver Eagles from SD, but the sad part for me is that they are Christmas and Birthday gifts to my Nephews and Grandchildren (oh and two for friends that just got Silver Fever, yeah my fault). Stack on young man!

O man how I like getting silver at spot, a nice score that was!

Its so shiney!

(reference that probably no one will remember)

I bought silver at $30 an ounce and thought it was a good deal.

Same here. Still got'em too.

I have young kids, so when I say shiny I remind myself of the treasure crab in Moana.

They are beautiful! I have just one Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle silver coin that I bought from @madstacks. I love it, but yours are way prettier!

nice!.. wish i had some to unbox lol! still at such a great price too...

I picked up a few sterling silver things at an estate sale today as well. Real cheap too, 75% off sticker price.

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