Three Arrested for Gold Price Manipulation

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And theories become facts.

As you know, Gold has broken out of $1500 per oz.

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This has been coming for a while, but someone has always managed to buy contracts and then sell them off near the high $1200 to $1300 price range - seen in the sample chart from early 2019. You can see that severe drops were occurring in that range - until now.

So what happened?

Let's speed read this article, eliminating the adjectives and details so often added to have you miss the point.

It says, "..was a time .. the mention of gold manipulation in (airquotes) reputable (airquotes) media would brand you a conspiracy theorist..."

"All that has changed" blah blah "Person 1 ... a six-year spoofing scheme... gold and silver...futures contracts. He pled guilty to commodities fraud, conspiracy (fact)... manipulation..."

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"One month ago person-2 admitted to precious metals manipulations--blah blah -- over 9 years."

Then, "person-3 ... guilty of conspiracy and manipulating prices..."

again it was in the precious metals market. The last person faces 135 months but will get a fine and a warning. (that will teach him)

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Three instances that were happening, would have had me labeled a conspiracy theorist if written about earlier. I like to wait with said information in the back of my mind until the conspiracy is confirmed as being fact!

I was wondering why it was not pounded down, last 15 days

Article source ZeroHedge


Estimado @goldbuyer, asi como mencionas, todo lo que posee valor es manipulable, hablando específicamente de los metales, pero llegará el momento en que no habrá papel para hacerlo o ese papel no podrá tener el peso para hacerlo. Entonces la mejor opción es acompañar estas olas y sacar provecho de ellas.