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Please tell me the silver lining in these two stories


1964 KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR (since 1977)

I've had a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar for over 40 years, circa 1977.

Some time during the mid 1970's, circa 1977, I got this Kennedy in change, so the cost for this Half Dollar was 50 cents. At the time I bought two Snickers candy bars for about 50 cents and this coin was the change from a dollar. (Yes, TWO SNICKERS for FIFTY CENTS).

My 1974 "A GUIDE BOOK of UNITED STATES COINS" (US RED BOOK) indicated that it was worth a max of $1.25 in numismatic value. For those who don't know, the US RED BOOK is THE DEFINIIVE GUIDE for all U.S. Coins.
Here's my 1974 US RED BOOK, next to my 2017 US RED BOOK.
Here's the page from the 1974 US RED BOOK for the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. A perfect uncirculated 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is worth $1.25.

Here's the page from the 2017 US RED BOOK for the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. A perfect uncirculated MS-60 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is worth $11.

In 1977, the numismatic value was a max of $1.25, but it was worth about $1.75 in silver content. ( or about 7 Snickers candy bars ).

In 2017, the numismatic value is nothing, because it is not uncirculated MS-60, but it is worth about $6 in silver content. (or about 6 Snickers candy bars. ).

I've had this Kennedy Half Dollar for so long, I'm keeping it for sentimental reasons.

What is the silver lining of this story?


1964 KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS (since 2011)

I've had a couple of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars since 2011.

Some time during 2011, I bought a couple of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars. Silver was about $40 per ounce and too much to buy an American Silver Eagle, so I bought a pair of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars for about $15 each.

A short time later, the price of silver started heading down. I sold other silver bullion rounds when the price was about $35 per ounce. I kept these two coins because I liked them.

Now, silver stands about $17 per ounce and these coins are worth about $6.
I'm down from $15 per coin to $6 per coin!

What is the silver lining of this story?


My loss is your gain. I'm giving away these two Silver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars to two steemians who would like to win them.


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Re-Steem would be nice.
I will use a random tool to select winners at random.
I will post the winners in 7 days, on 10/06/17.
(Note: I will need an address to send the coin).


I've been collecting coins for over 40 years. The true purpose of this post is to bring awareness to the US RED BOOK and (over the years) the value of Silver ( and Snickers ).

FYI - For One US Dollar

  • In 1977, I could get 4 Snickers
  • In 2017, I can only get 1 Snickers



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The real moral to this story is that in 1977 you should have invested in Snickers Bars. That return is pretty solid.


Thanks for finding a moral to the story @HarleyMechnix. I've invested quite a bit in Snickers Bars and like my silver, I have stored them safely :)


I think the silver lining shows that your silver holds it's value, even through inflation. If you were to hold onto fiat you would have lost out on the potential for 6 snickers bars in today's world. But, one day when the price manipulation ends, all of us stackers will be sitting nice and fat.

"Silver holds it's value" is a high point for me. While I love to compare silver to Snickers Bars, I also like to compare an ounce of silver to a bag of groceries. From years ago, to today, we basically will ALWAYS be able to exchange an ounce of silver for 'supplies' as in 'a bag of groceries' of necessities. Thanks for sharing your views and for seeing a silver lining @grizzman.

Hahaha, I had no idea where you were headed with this but I'm in. I think the silver lining is the amount of Steem Power you are about to receive will make up completely and than some and when Steem hit $10 it'll make up for it I promise!! About to hit ya with a resteem as well. Good luck everyone, gotta love a silver giveaway!!

Thanks for the resteem @sixersfeds...and thanks for finding a silver lining. I'm glad it's getting a good response. When steemit hits $10, we'll all be partying :)

The silver lining in the first story is that you received the coin for free in your change and you were smart enough to realize that it was a silver coin. The silver lining from the second story is that it served as the inspiration for this post!

Yes, when I was a kid my mom told me that the pre1964 silver coins were real silver.
I guess that could be another part of the Silver Linings to the story. Thanks @paul.atreides

I think I would rather have the silver Kennedy's lining my stomach than an overpriced sneakers in there.

Keep the coins they last forever but today's snickers is tomorrows pooh.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Thanks @libertyranger for seeing the Silver Lining to the story. You've really brought A New Perspective to this.

the silver lining of the story is if you have silver in your pocket you can always have snickers in your stomach :)

Yes, @owenwat, it's a silver lining, stomach lining, with snickers. . . . snickers lined stomach lining is silver lining.

The silver lining is this: 40 years of Insurance for the price of one Snickers bar!


Thanks, @thedamus, that is a silver lining. Insurance is another good reason for stacking. I don't usually consider it 'insurance' but it is absolutely correct. Thanks

Silver lining... At least you didn't try and hang onto a pile of snickers bars hoping they would end up being worth a lot!!! Hahaha
Secondary silver lining to both stories, the silver still has significantly more value than a US dollar even though for the halves have lost over half of what you paid a few years ago.

When in doubt invest in bars. SNICKERS BARS!!!!!!! LOL

Hahahaha, at least you can eat them if nothing else!

Snickers bars are my "Go To Candy Bar" for the afternoon pick up!
Thanks for seeing a silver lining @stnwllstrtgc. I appreciate it :)

The silver lining: we live and learn. Life isn't always about getting it right but learning from our mistakes.

It also shows the devaluation of the world's paper currencies and the massive manipulation of the precious metals market

Yes, @welshstacker, we live and we learn everyday. I've learned a lot here on steemit, about gold, silver, and life. I've read a lot here about the hopeful 'end of the manipulation'. This story kinda sorta tries to express the length of time that I have been observing the manipulation of currency and precious metals. I also hope to hear some opinions from around the world to see how it is viewed. Thanks.

(Not a Entry comment) I paid $1.26 for a Snickers for my Grandson two days ago. When I was his age they cost .15 cents, I had to collect three soda bottles to get one.

Buying a Snickers Bar was the first price increase that I ever noticed. I was a kid (not even a teenager) and I didn't know anything about inflation... Snickers were always the same price. Then, came the 5 cent increase and TAX !
Thanks for the comment - Next time, get one for yourself too :)

The silver lining is if you have silver, your stomach will always have a snickers lining no matter what happens, cheers.

Thanks @silverbug for you reply and seeing a silver lining - snickers lining sounds like happy times.

Silver lining is someone wins a snicker bar!

Eating a Snickers bar makes me feel like a winner!!!

The silver lining of the story is that coin is worth well more than 50 cents still and you can get almost 5 McChickens with it

Great point... Another perspective on the Silver Lining could go for 5 McChickens. We may have to make up a song like the 12 Days of Christmas. So far we got 6 Snickers, 5 McChickens,...
... 4 Coca-Colas, 3 Chicken Dippers, 2 Gas Gallons or an overpriced frappachino.

The silver lining is that both store of value and transactional utility are both sides of the same coin, so to speak.

Thanks @buy-bitcoin, that definitely sounds like a silver lining to me... both good points value and transactional utility.

The silver lining is that this post is currently worth $16+. If you receive approximately $10 in Steem for this, eventually it may be worth more than both coins...and a whole lotta Snickers.

That's seeing the silver lining @mikeshuh. I can go from steem to BitCoin to Snickers. That sounds like a great plan, huh?

Can I go from Steem to Bitcoin to 3 Musketeers?

the silver lining for me is that timing is everything. all things changes in value overtime, it may increase or decrease.. but some things are quite priceless. if you keep this for sentimental reasons, then not even a big amount will take it's worth. I'm a coin collector not for money about for variety. I love the history each have and the thought that these coins are older than I am. :)

Yes. Thank you @robiney. I'm a coin collector also. There are some coins that I have that I would never part with, for sentimental reasons.

Yes, money is not everything. Memories are worth more than any material things. Enjoy every chance you have @goldkey. 😀

Right!! Memories > Money

SILVER 4-29-17.jpg

There's your True Value of SILVER in U$D!
Keep on hanging on to it, except the ones you send to me
and the "other winner" of this great contest!!!

Image Credit:

Thanks @underground for your entry and Good Luck. This is a great reply, showing a silver lining that I was not considering. GREAT! I'm looking for the true value of precious metals. I sure hope the usdebtclock website is correct. Thanks :)

It could go higher, that is simply the value vs. the number of U$D issued...
Basically compared to when we were on the "Silver Standard" which is the
true Constitutional Monetary Standard, and then Gold was indexed off the
"Silver Dollar", in reality. Gold (was) is useful for large transactions and
wealth storage, Silver was more for everyday use.
371.25 grains PURE SILVER = 1 US Dollar! The Debt Clock measure assumes
backing of the U$D with Silver and Gold again, so it's just a reference at this time. ;)

Thanks for that explanation, it clarifies it for me. . .

The silver lining on both stories is that you still have silver. Spot price has been manipulated by JP Morgan and the Chinese to the point that it is at the industrial price. Give it until the end of 2018 and the price for silver rounds will be $100 per ounce. Those Kennedy halves will be about $40 per.

Thanks for the reply @thewidowmaker. The silver I have IS the silver lining. I agree the manipulation has to stop, but when? 2018? Maybe. . . If it goes to $100/toz, maybe I should keep the Kennedy halves . . . NO, I'll still send them on to another happy home :)

Wooow, Nice.
He was the best President from America's History.
Rest in Peace dear Mr Kennedy.

JFK is definitely one of the most Favorite Presidents for many. . .

Like it.

I like kennedy, silver and snickers. Thanks for the reply.

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