Where Do You Buy Your Silver?

Hey guys, this is my first silver post and my first time using the #steemsilvergold tag.


I am a big supporter of investing in tangible goods and precious metals. I don't have much silver -- none when compared with many of you -- but I'm trying!

In my most optimistic view, this silver is the beginning of my children's inheritance that they will get many, many years from now. At the same time, I'm not a head-in-the-sand guy who has blind faith in the monetary and banking systems to keep my best interests in mind.

I say all of this to get to the point of...

Where do you buy your silver?

I've purchased silver from local coin shops, and online from JM Bullion


The photo above is of my first online silver purchase -- from JM Bullion. They have a "10 oz. Silver at Spot" deal. It was very nerve wracking to purchase silver online! To give away my money and hope that something arrives in the mail and that it is really silver! From what I can tell, it's silver. I've not had it tested at the local coin shop yet though.

I want to poll the #steemsilvergold community to see where you purchase your silver online? Is there a hidden gem online other than going to these mints directly? What is reputable? Or, more importantly, what is not reputable?

I look forward to talking to other stackers and getting to know your best practices!

Until next time,


Looks like I am late to the Party...
When online I buy from Provident, and JMbullion, SDBullion most frequesntly, and rarely from APMEX. I will buy on Ebay, but only from the big vendors like APMEX.

I like to buy locally, but in smaller qty because the pricing isnt there on generics. I have bought a TON from 2-3 wholesalers on Facebook.

Hey @greenacrehome, welcome to #steemsilvergold! I just started buying silver over the last year, so my stack is still relatively small. I have been only buying my silver from online using crypto assets to do so. APMEX has a good selection and if you order over $100 then I believe shipping is free. The last place I ordered from was Silvergoldbull USA. It was one that was compatible to receive Bitcoin from my Jaxx wallet.
I have also used Steem to make a few purchases on the platform for my 2018 silver steem rounds and from a few other individuals. Everyone in #ssg is very helpful and is always willing to help when we can.

Great to hear! Thanks! I’ve been slow going on my collection but do want to keep going. I’ll check out silvergoldbull USA. Thanks

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Welcome to the community and question. Remember, you are trading fiat currency for hard assets, which has been money for 5000 years. Buy what you like, the best deals will come from reputable dealers online, stay away from EBay, many counterfeits. Some like government issued coins, others will buy generics, thinking silver will be silver no matter what is stamped on the coin........Happy stacking

Thanks @rollingthunder! I started by journey buying "junk silver" -- the pre-1965 US Minted Coins. I then moved to 1 oz. Bullions. Now I'm looking for something larger, around the 10 oz mark I think is an okay size? What size/weight do you buy most often or like the best?

Kilo bars for me the the best. Very stackable.

Google's math... 1 kg = 35+ oz. Nice!!! And here I was thinking a 10 oz (283g) was a big bar. Hahaha!

1 kg in a silver bar = 32.15oz.

1oz = 31.1 gm

I've bought all of my silver rounds through APMEX on line. They're a company out of Oklahoma.
If you buy at least 100 dollars worth at a time, they ship it for free.
The main reason that I use them is because they accept paypal and credit cards. Of course, there's a bit of a premium tacked onto the price because of the credit card fees that they have to pay for taking credit cards. They seem to be a reputable company.

Cool! I was looking at them. I know they seem to be a big company in the US, so I'd expect their bullion to be reputable and not "of question" should I need to sale it in the future. Have you checked out JM Bullion? I have not affiliation with them, but it was nice getting 10 oz at spot price.

I haven't checked them out yet, but I probably should.

Can’t help you here. We only go in person to the same place. They treat us well. Once they gave us a bag of freshly rolled oats lol! Too bad those xray guns are $20,000. I’d love to double check all our silver.

Silver and Oats?! Why yes!!! :-D That's very cool. I had a guy offer to check mine at a coin shop he ran, but he was about 1.5 hours away. It was one of those "hey, we're here and there's a coin shop... STOP THE CAR" type visits. ;-)

I buy most of mine online, except for a couple of times when full collections have been offered to me. It is different up here in Canada though, shipping costs alot more.
Keep stacking it up!

Do you use online sites specific to Canada?

Silvergoldbull, torontogoldbullion and once gatewestcoin. They are all in Canada but do ship to usa. Once I ordered from apmex but shipping was 46 dollars!

Holy crap! $46 shipping! :-O Can't help but wonder how much really went to line the border pockets... of both sides no doubt.

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This party can go on and on! 😁 Great info thanks! Have you found any of those online sources to be the best? I’m just looking for silver amount. Not into numismatic values.

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