Official #Steemsilvergold Membership Post - 19th March 2020

Hello Steem Silver Gold!

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Well things are certainly HAPPENING around Steem. In case you missed it... a hard fork is about to go down that will copy Steem and all of our account info (wallet and all) over to a new platform - Hive.

Confused? ME TOO!

To read all that is happening, please check out THIS post. You may also want to hit up our resident community witness @guiltyparties. He is an admin in the new Hive discord and is filled with knowledge about the situation.

So what does this mean for Steem Silver Gold?

As I understand it, members will be able to exist on both platforms. However, most individuals sound like they will be migrating their focus to Hive. From Steem Silver Gold to Hive Silver Gold? Or as @summertooth hopes Silver Gold Hive? All of this is TBD. It is a confusing but exciting time and we are sure to be in for quite a ride.


Thanks to a nomination from @silversaver888, we have a new community member. Please welcome @cve3 to Steem Silver Gold. He has been on Steem for ages - at least two years! Over this time he has shared many pieces from his stack. Though known for long hiatuses away from the blockchain, his posts have caught the eye of several members the past few months. Please take a moment to welcome @cve3 to SSG.

If you are interested in nominating new members, please make sure nominees have a track record of posting about metals and of building relationships with community members (ie. consistent posting with a track record of posting about silver and/or gold, replying to comments on their posts , commenting on posts of other community members). The friendships we form will be what sustains our group through the growing pains of Steem.

PS - If you were once a member of Steem Silver Gold and do not see your name on our member list, you were likely taken off of the rolls due to lack of posts or comments in 6 months. If you have returned to Steem, please let us know. We are happy to add you back to this lists.

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Help the community, help yourself!

There are TWO ways to receive community supported votes at Steem Silver Gold. One is via the @myprecious curation trail, the other is via the @ssg-community subscription service (which is also confusingly referred to as Precious the Silver Mermaid). Here is a run down of each:

1. Join the Steem Silver Gold curation trail - HERE

The community curation trail up votes every member of Steem Silver Gold (unless a member requests otherwise). 26 accounts currently follow the trail. You will see the @myprecious vote appear on one of your posts each day after 6 minutes. 26 other votes are tied to that one! Thank you to everyone on the trail. Members may also choose to delegate to @myprecious. There is no membership requirement to delegate, but it is a selfless way to support the entire community.

2. Join our members only up voting service (aka Precious) - HERE

Precious the Silver Mermaid up voting service (linked to the @ssg-community account) is open to all members of the #steemsilvergold community. She has well over 100k in voting SP and members can receive daily up votes by either delegating SP are donating STEEM on a monthly basis.


If you have questions about the @ssg-community subscription (aka Precious the Silver Mermaid), please reach out to @welshstacker. He can advise you on how to delegate, pay liquid steem or use a combination of the two to reach a subscription tier.

As for how these accounts will function on Hive... this is still being discussed. Things should become clearer after Hive's launch on Friday.

On a serious note... Stay healthy friends! This is a surreal time to be living. Wash your hands. Listen to medical professionals. Don't take all of the toilet paper!


~ @dfinney


We have a few crazy hours ahead of us. I am glad for this community. Good luck all.

Okay... Put me on the Curation Trail List...
July 8, 2020... 14.7 Hollywood Time...

Oops, I took my delegation back from you. I thought I'd do that on Hive once we get there. Not sure whether SteemAuto will work on both platforms?

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I did the same. I figure we can all sort it out after Friday. I have no idea about steem auto etc.

I like @sgh-community! Silver Gold Hive sounds good.

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Will Precious remain a Mermaid or will she have a set of Waterproof bee wings too?

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Maybe she will transition to a merman? 😃


SilverGoldHive second

Yeah, Silver Gold Hive is so much better than Hive Silver Gold, I think!
Hehehe... if you are confused, can you imagine what the changes are doing to me!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to @cve3 for making it here!!!
Thanks for everything that you do for SSG, @myprecious and @dfinney. Be safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I liked the way @summertooth put it - Silver Gold Hive :)

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Welcome @cve3 so good to have you here!!🤗