Win a 2017 Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin Worth $30 AUD + Bonus 5 SBD Offer!

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How do I win the Silver?

Comment with up to 3 GIFS that show how you will survive a zombie apocalypse!

Make sure you Upvote this contest post to be eligible.

I've put an example GIF in the comments section :)

How do I find a GIF image?

You can do this via a google search or on

What happens next?

I will review all entries in 7 days prior to choosing my favorite comment.

How do I win the Bonus 5 SBD?

If you decide to resteem this post, you will go into a draw to win 5 SBD :)

A computer program will select this at the completion of the author payout.

What about shipping the Silver?

All shipping will be covered to the winners location as part of the prize!

Who won last weeks Silver Bullion and GIF contest?

Results for last weeks Silver will be up later tonight :)

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NBA Houston Rockets vs Boston Celtics


Any sharing of my contests is always appreciated

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When the winners will be announced ?

Hey, I'm doing it in a few hours once I decide my favourite :)

Take your time friend. I am waiting... :))

200w (1).gif
200w (2).gif

Just walk/run faster than my friends

or ,so much easier...just join them...they seem to be having fun !!

Brutal kills!




ahahha... the last one made me laugh so hard.... :))

Invisibility cloak in hand and you can walk right past them!

No questions asked, this weapon wins.


image source

No zombie could withstand the ubreakableness of a Nokia. And after you have dealt with the zombies you can call your mates or order pizza.

Love the wedgetail eagle coins. I have some of the original year ones in my stack.

Definitely a winner in my books haha

I would survive a zombie apocalypse by killing them with my love haha :D or..just kill them, lol

I don't recommend kissing one or it may be your last!

Hahaha, no need for kissing, just hypnotize them with my charm :D

Ahaha, laughed so bad :D

That snake in the Jungle Book movie was pure evil :)

Yeah I remember him. I may watch the movie again, really missing those times now seeing the gif hehe :)

Drunk kung fu is the best weapon!

Having a transformer would definitely help the cause!

That first GIF is epic!

hope you guys like it.. :^D

Commenting for entry reasons.

Gonna take you back to some of the classics:



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