Explain this!

Took a little road trip today, to visit grandpa hammer. Me and little hammer had to stop on the way home to get some dinner. Now I am not a fan of Taco-Bell but little hammer was paying so he picked it.


Now thats either a guard Cat or tomorrows dinner, either one is not good for business!!


"Un-clock your potential" not sure that slogan is good, catchy yes, good No!!!! What type of Potential exactly could taco-bell offer you? Now I know we have to have minimum wage workers but wait for the next picture it will explain a little more...


Now if the guard cat didn't get and you did make it to the door sign and for a split second you thought taco-bell had some potential to offer you, once you saw the self service order thingy on the wall, it wouldn't take you very long at all to realize the potential is limited.

Wake up America the problem is coming, are you ready for it? Unemployment rate is not real, stock market is not real, fiat currency is not real, silver and gold are the only real money. Protect yourself!!!!!


Employment figures have been manipulated for years. The funny thing is, a lot of customers prefer this method and dont like any form of contact with another human.

I don't know if you guys have a government pension scheme or how it's run?? We've been slowly switching to automation here over the kadt few years. Don't people realise computers/automatic check outs don't pay towards this.... By the time I get to retirement age, there will definitely be NO money coming jn to pay for me.

You got that right @silver-hammer. Get some Gold and Silver while prices are still cheap!!!

Hahaha... tomorrow's dinner!!!
Yup, I think that some of the fast food restaurants here now have self-serve ring-up-yourself ! This is a McD store, a photo that I previously shared with @stokjockey. There is not one cashier manning the registers.

Maybe the opportunity they are talking about is to develop computer systems that will replace human beings...

Taco Bell... now serving gato loco tacos in select markets.. 🐱

@silver-hammer Are You Suggesting the New CAT Wrap Crunch is Not Going to be a Popular MENU Item ??

gonna put ur freedom dividend into precious metals? if 2 many do, there will b delays in deliveries.

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