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Well it always seems during trouble times, people wake up to Silver. Right now we have witnessed silver increasing over $4.00 per ounce in the past 3 months. So as you can imagine there are some extra eyes watching silver right now.


Now when most people think of silver they do not imagine it looking like that ⤴️. Most people also do not realize that silver has multiple jobs, being REAL MONEY is not its only job




The 'silver standard' linked the prices of silver and barley (Leviticus 27:16). The use of money for trade goes back to Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible. Several currencies were used in the Bible, including gold, silver and barley.

Along with gold, Silver is the most Ductile (mallable) metal. An oz of silver can be made into a wire 8000 feet long

Bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver as they can with Antibiotics.


Lydians were the first to use Silver as Money in the 7th century BC, and was then quickly adopted by the Greeks.

The words for Silver and Money are the same in 14 different languages.

Silver is the most reflective element, reflecting 95% of visible Light Spectrum.


Find me just One word that rhymes with Silver

I could go on and on with silver Facts. The point is Silver is not going anywhere, it will always be considered a source of Money. Its consumption will continue in the industrial side and the collection and hoarding of coins and bars will continue. Unfortunately there will come a day when Big Industry says " We are Out Of Silver" then you will see the price of silver correct itself.

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For more information on Silver and Gold visit #steemsilvergold, one of the best community's on steemit.


Have a safe and happy Labor day. And remember the silver and gold markets seem to go a little crazy on Holidays. So keep an eye open Sunday Night st 6pm CST

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Silver will never be recognized to its full greatness in our lifetime.

Silver (and gold) forever!!!!

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In Welsh "arian" means both money and silver. 🤑🤑🤑

In Hammer, "Welsh" means smart

Silver and Gold are too valuable to use as Physical Spending Money...

It's a good thing we're going to back our Coinage with Precious Bullion...

August 31, 2019... 9.3 Hollywood Time...

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It sure as hell looks like money to me when it is stacked up in kilo bars! 😁🤩😁