Boy crypto's look like the just walk through a gang of ninjas and couldn't see what was coming. How do they say it...." Easy Come, Easy Go and it went!.


Lets start with steem, this is the lowest I have seen it in 2.5 years. Hopefully this is the bottom but I could see sub 20 cents.


BTC has been all over the board, truly fits yhe title of Easy Come Easy Go. But take a look at the year to date increase for btc, still sitting pretty nice at over 20%


So here is my closing advice.... take a little bit of silver and rub it on those Crypto cuts, it will help them heal faster.


Do not invest unless you can afford to lose it!!!

Thanks for stopping by



Lol I only invest what I can lose but.....
Can I make a little 😳🙃
My precious metals Down.......Not Selling!
My Gold and Silver mining stock Down.....Not selling
My crypto especially Steem Down.......Buying more next week.....I think I need a beer.....🙃😳

I'm so glad I sold all of my cryptos and bought silver and gold bullion! It's easier to get used to the continual price suppression than it is to go on these manic ups & downs. Besides, silver is up about $1 in the last week. I'll keep on stacking the REAL SHINEY!

To buy steem at $.20 is a real bargain. It is an opportunity to not be wasted...

Definitely a great time to buy, imo. :) Steem, silver, gold... All great investments currently :)

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This is ridiculous....


Goodness, gracious!

Time to move into metals! Although Steem is a bargain now!

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I tried to warn the Damus, but he's not an easy Nut to Crack...
You haven't seen anything yet... Wait until you see what happens when U.S. Crypto Dollars and Decimal Cents are "Activated"... Bullion Backed...

August 5, 2019... 9.9 Hollywood Time...