Out of focus

Are You Focused?

It's very easy in life to lose focus on sonething. Especially if you have a very actuve life with a lot going on. Sometimes you just have to pull yourself back and re-focus.


Sometimes people have to pull you back into focus. With todays world there always seems to be a standard of " look over there, don't look over here" which is a big cause of people to lose focus.

This has been one of those weeks for me, there is a lot going on in our community and even more outside of our community. There are things coming on the future that we would have only been able to dream about and those things are coming fast. But, here is where focus should never be lost...⤵️⤵️.


Silver has been sub $15 now for almost 2 weeks. It is also sitting at 87 to 1 on the silver to gold ratio!!! This is crazy, insane and pure Manipulation and if you lose focus on this ot will be costly to you.


don't lose focus of this⤴️⤴️. After all its free crypto's. Our community has a strong future, we are way ahead of normal communities. Help us get to the next leval and keep spreading the word.




87 to 1. That is crazy.

Also, got the silver in the mail. Thanks again. I’ll be purchasing more soon I hope!!

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I was going to drop in to say hi and post a cool out of focus pic I snapped a couple days ago. I like to use them for title shots on my blog.

Instead, I have another smart person on my feed keeping an eye on something I only have in my periphery. That is a good pick and I would speculate that now would be a good time to hedge into silver a bit more.

I know my buddy @davedickeyyall is a silver guy and probably has been watching it. If not, I am sure he could use this info and you silveries should know each other.

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In a world where silver comes out of the ground at approximately 8:1 and has many more uses a ratio of 87:1 blows my mind.

Let's not even get in to the fact that although it's mined in greater volume, I'm pretty sure that the "stored" amount is far less as, like I said, it has many more uses that just a store if value.

Damn! 87:1 is about as high as it goes!


I got my eye on the prize brother.

That is ridiculously high! We are going to be able to make a good flip from silver to gold when it corrects.

Get ready for Gold and Silver to do a Moon Shot, then watch as Silver Circles the Moon and Heads Straight for Mars... I decided to take everyone off Mute...
June 7, 2019...

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