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RE: 2018 Silver Steem Round: Introductory Post - Community Input Requested!

Great idea! I'll be sending a bit of SBD to that account tomorrow.
Will you be accepting SBD for the actual coin? I'll need to start saving up.
Resteeming this post, and let me know if there's any promo I could help with (unfortunately, my presence on Steemit isn't as large as on YT... Yet.)


Hey man, we really appreciate the contribution. We were able to get out website set up to accept steem payments directly in the site. You would need to exchange your SBD for steem prior to purchasing, only because the scripts still only value SBD at 1USD.

@Phelimint will definitely be accepting Steem and BTC! I am unsure about SBD, but SBD can always be converted to Steem so you will be good to go!!

I will keep you updated! We are always looking for help in different ways especially with promo type stuff!!

Awesome, thanks guys!

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