Do you not like free SBD? Have i offended you? 4SBD giveaway #steemsilvergold

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Good day to you all out there. Does my appearence displease you??

silvergoldcomps portada3.png

I find myself asking why i only have 68 followers when all i do is give away SBD to our great community!!!

In one way its great as the chances of the people that do follow me are greatly increased but honestly i really feel that i should be helping more of you out, so here is the chance to help me help you!!



1)give me an upvote to show you love me, nothing fancy but the more you give now, the more i can give back in the future

2)Comment below by choosing either "odd" or "even" (only 1 today). This is your entry to the competition for 2SBD

3)Hit me with a resteem, lets spread the word and get more people to follow this page. After all it is the "official" competition page of the #steemsilvergold group. This gets you an exta 1sbd, if you are the winner

4)If a "new" member wins because they followed your resteem(new members let me know in your comments) they win and as the resteemer you get 1sbd



-HI im @silvergoldcomps and i choose "even". I have resteemed - WINNER and gets 3sbd

-Hi im @silvergoldcomps and i choose "even".I have resteemed. @welshstacker sent me here - Winner and gets 3sbd, plus welshstacker gets 1SBD

I have a list of who now follows me (68) and i will be checking resteems.


All that enter will be added to a list and a number given. That number will be entered in to a random number generator to see who plays. The same number generator will be used to pick another number which will be the ODD or EVEN number you have chosen. SSG members and followers only. good luck

Those are the rules and we play till we get a winner



Hi I'm @tinylayla and I choose "odd". I have resteemed. @owenwat has sent me here. This community is awesome!! : )


...and @owenwat is DA BOMB!

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

I choose odd and resteemed although I am new and still figuring everything out so I'm not 100% sure that I understand what this all means but I'm trying to figure it out jumping in with both feet thank you

hey dixie you didnt resteem properly, are you using esteem app? when your on a post click the little button in bottom right of screen to bring up menu and resteem or reblog should be at the top, then the post should copy to your blog page :)

Thank you I see it now! So much to learn lol

I thank you for your attempt to bring in more to the community!! Hi I’m @stackinag47 and I choose “odd” and I will resteem it right now! 👍🏼🍺🥓

Well why not.. lets play! Upvoted, resteemed and I choose odd.

odd and I am new to your blog never seen this before i like it

Upvoted with love but you know i cant resteem.

500 Bitcoin silver buddy :) That post ended over the weekend. You what to pick a winner are want me to do it?

I messaged you on discord earlier. Check that out and let me know

I choose "EVEN". I have resteemed

I choose even. Resteemed!

I am ODD and i resteemed :)

Hi, I choose "EVEN" I have resteemed and followed you because I like free stuff.

Even and done buddy!

I'm going to go even. Resteemed as well.

Hi I'm @jbcoin, I choose even, resteemed

Hi, I choose "EVEN" I have resteemed and I say thankya. @theinsideout showed me the way here

I think I will go odd this time. Resteemed

Hi my name is @huw28582 and I choose even. I have resteemed. @welshstacker sent me here.

I'm @randomness and I choose "even". I have also resteemed.

I choose odd. Resteemed

Always bet on black! Oops I mean “Odd”. 😄 Upvoted & resteemed.

Hi Im @deerjay and I choose "odd". I have resteemed. I'm new and @armshippie sent me here! :)

Even steven. Sent around the block again too.


I choose, "odd".


Hi I'm @meepsy and I choose odd. Upvoted and resteemed. New and @cyber.explorer sent me.

Odd. Resteeming to my 700+ followers (after I posted this) and you got a 💯 upvote. Let's get this man a legion of followers!!!

Hi I'm @melinda010100 and I choose odd. I have upvoted,resteemed and followed... @ninahaskin sent me here.

@CryptoCatz here
I'd have to go with ODD
@gomatthew send me here

Hi I am @fazlul and I choose "weird". I have received. @underground has sent me here This community is awesome !! :)

Hello I'm @strade42 and I choose 'odd'. I think i resteemed. i was sent here by @amvtv

Who Runs this show???

Hey @minnowbootcamp sorry taken ages to get back to you. I do. What can I do for you?

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