👀Eye Candy👀

In between my 'Find the Ingot' game and informational silver ingot posts I am going to be publishing subtle posts that brings pleasure to the 👀👀EYES👀👀.

Also know as 👀EYE CANDY👀

The photos in the posts will include all of my interests and hobbies. Which are silver ingots, physical crypto currency coins, cars, knives, and bank notes. Here we go!


☝️Cream of the crop Engelhard 5oz silver ingots. ALL TIER 1 LEGACY INGOTS!

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Holy mother of god!!!

That is a bloody beautiful display of Engelhard fivers which are, indeed, the cream of the crop — my lambos are tingling and my eyeballs are jingling!


When your lambos are tingling and eyeballs jingling...thats when you have a real appreciation for this kind of material🤜🤛. CHEERS @thedamus.

What a wonderful collection! It is a pleasure to be able to admire these ingots.
What is the difference between an ingot and a bar?

Not much of a difference @ronaldoavelino. Most people say bar. The term "ingot" is used to describe the shape of the bar really. If that makes any sense. .

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I seriously need some of those.....👍

Great investments right now. Markets a little soft and prices are in the buy range!

What is the buy range???

Very serious Vintage Engelhard. Where are those sunglasses? 😎 Better.

I Suck Real Bad, I don't Own any of those........

Go get em @stokjockey. Nows the time. Prices are reasonable on this type of material right now.