1990 Aloha from Hawai‘i Dala

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The dollar or dala was the currency of Hawaii between 1847 and 1898. It was equal to the United States dollar and was divided into 100 cents or keneta. In 1883, Kingdom of Hawai'i official silver coinage were issued in the denominations of one dime (umi keneta in Hawaiian), quarter dollar (hapaha), half dollar (hapalua) and one dollar (akahi dala). 26 proof sets were struck by the Philadelphia Mint and contained the umi keneta, hapaha, hapalua, and akahi dala. 20 proof specimens in the denomination of an eight dollar (hapawalu) were also struck. The Kingdom of Hawai'i desired to conform to the United States silver coinage denominations and selected the umi keneta over the hapawalu. The silver coins issued for circulation in the Kingdom was struck by the San Francisco Mint.

1990 Aloha From Hawaii Scenic Series No. 7: Kilauea Iki, Hawaii

1 oz, .999 fine silver, yellow toning

Photos by @silversaver888

The photo on the right ➡️ of the 1959 Kīlauea Iki volcano eruption is what is depicted on the obverse of the round. The lava fountain reached heights of 320 m (1,050 ft) as lava discharge increased during first episode of Kīlauea Iki eruption. Fountain lava pooled as a lava lake in the crater. ➡️

The reverse depicts the island's culture of Poi making. See the photo below ⬇️of a young man wearing a malo, or loin cloths — traditioanlly used when pounding steamed taro roots using stones and wooden boards.

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Very cool @silversaver888! The history behind some of these coins/what they commemorate is one of the best parts of collecting any type of coins/silver/gold.

I know, right! It is an opportunity to know more about our beautiful world, @knowledge-seeker! Have a fantastic weekend my friend!🌅🌴

Really sweet round bestie. And such wonderful toning

I love the fact that through this series, I am able to share some history about the 50th State, @silverd510! Have a beautiful weekend, bestie!🏄‍♀️

@silversaver888 Volcanoes are so Fascinating but I Really like the Unusual Silver Pieces that You Bring to The Table.............

Thanks to you, @stokjockey, I have No. 6 and No 7 of this series. Hopefully, you will be able to find the rest of the rounds! Thank you again. Have a great weekend! Take care.

I don't know how I keep missing your posts @silversaver888. That is a really neat coin!

I know, right? I, too, missed some posts from ssg peeps. And I really want to be very supportive of this community! Sometimes I have to scour my notifications to look for articles! Have a pleasant weekend, my dear @vgholdingsllc! Take care. 🍍🍧

Cool piece @silversaver888! The yellow toning kind of fits with the volcano imagery huh?!? :) Thanks for sharing!

Hehehe, it does, @plaid! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment, my friend! Take care.

Reminds me that I could use some clear sunny weather to film, Aloha.

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