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RE: FREE Gold !!! You Will Thank me For This, You Would Be CRAZY Not to Look At This Post and Get FREE Gold !!!

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Well... then I should say "Thank You @stokjockey" for providing the link. I guess those are not inexpensive give-aways. Is there a catch? Most recently, SilverBeanCounter when I asked said that he would trade me three of his Trump Gold Notes for one American Silver Eagle.

Have a great day @stokjockey, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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There is No CATCH at All I just went to their website a couple of Weeks ago and entered my address and now Free Gold in the Mail. By the Way I Love Those TRUMP Notes in Real Gold too.......With Everything that is Going on in the World Those TRUMP notes will always have a Big collectors Base..... I Hope You go This Morning and Get Your Beautiful Utah GoldBack, You Will Love It !! @silversaver888

The TRUMP GOLD NOTES start a $5, then go down.
Those are really cheap if you get 10 or more, Sadie...
Did I not send you one yet?


When, @underground? I hope it did not get lost in the mail. I did receive the Trump token, and thank you!

OK, I must not have sent it yet!
It will be in the next "care packet"... 🤙


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