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For 1 STEEM or SBD per entry,
which is less than a buck!
You can WIN SILVER or GOLD!!!
OVER 65 ounces at stake, worth OVER $1,000!!!

  • Tickets cost 1 STEEM/SBD each. There is no limit to the number of entries per person.
  • Send or transfer steem/sbd to @ssg-community with the memo ''MONSTER RAFFLE''
  • Raffle ticket numbers will be released the day before the raffle takes place on SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 at 11PM GMT time live on the #steemsilvergold DISCORD server Link HERE
  • Winners will be contacted for shipping information.
  • Use the slider below to check out the


    Use the slider above to check out the SILVER & GOLD RAFFLE PRIZES!
    Here are Member donors and Prize Detail:

    @silverstackeruk- 2018 Steem round - mintage 1111; @raybrockman- x2 American Wester skull 1 oz rounds; @goldrooster- x2 2014 slabbed Wedgetailed Eagles; @thedamus- 2oz Unicorn Queens beast & 1oz Dragon Bar; @cyber-explorer- 1oz Silver Eguptian Relic; @tbnfl4sun- 2oz Silver Sports Pack; @summertooth- 5oz Sunshine Mint bar; @dfinney- 2oz Monarch Mint Day of the Dead Cross Skull; @methus- 2oz 2016 Year of the Monkey Apmex Round; @ronaldoavelino- 9 Piece old coinage Pack; @willsparks88- 1 gram Carded GOLD Pamp bar; @vgoldingsll- 1oz Proof 9/11 USM National Medal; @silversaver888- 1oz SilverSaver Classic Bar; @silversaver888- 1oz SilverSaver Classic Bar; @silverd510- MS-69 1oz Tokelau Islands FS Goat reverse Proof; @silverd510- MS-69 1oz 2016 Kangaroo; @coolbowser- 1oz Baseball Hall of Frame boxed round; @khamen- 1965 Cabadian silver coin set; @khamen- 1965 Cabadian silver coin set; @mikepm74- 1oz silver PitBullion Dragon button; @goldkey- 1oz Engelhard Bar; @o07life- Pit-bullion 2oz Silver Pharaoh Bullion; @fat-elvis- Canadian Silver starter kit; @stokjockey- 1oz 2018 Silver Zombuff & 2x 1oz copper zombuffs; @welshstacker - 2009 1oz Silver Philiharmonic; @silver-hammer- 2oz 2017 Silver Libertad ; @tbnfl4sun- x4 1/2oz;s of Junk Silver Coinage ; @senstless -1oz Buffalo Bar; @senstless - 1oz Buffalo Bar; @senstless - 1oz Buffalo Round; @edthecanadian- 2015 1oz Lunar Skulls Goat; @armshippie- 1982 1oz Silver Prospector Engelard Round; @fishyculture- Silver USA coinage; @sbsparts- 1oz Silver bar - Divisible.

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    I see what you did there. They should have been the first pic. You're going to make some people very happy with them @silversaver888.

    Do you like it, @vgholdingsllc? Only the thorough and detailed person will see what you saw. I appreciate you, my friend! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    @silversaver888 thanks so much for ypur donation, first off. You are so right that this is an amazing chance! Don't know how many tickets I will be able yo get but it is going to be great fun!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Hopefully we will be able to raise the target amounts set by @ssg-community! Have a terrific day, @dwingsworld! Take care.

    Resteemed for increased visibility.

    Thank you for the re-steem, @ronaldoavelino! And thanks for your donation... it makes the pot so very enticing!

    I'm thinking about it. I think I'm just thinking too much.

    Hehehe, it is just a game! Nothing much to loose. But you know what Sis, I think that I NEED to think about things... sometimes I don't think about things much.

    This is almost as EPIC as a Bowl of Chicken Soup. I really Like Silver.......@silversaver888

    Hahaha... now that I know that you like Chicken Soup, let me do a video on it. Just to warn you, my Chicken Soup is the traditional, simple, provencale cuisine and it isn't restaurant cooking. Have a lovely day, @stokjockey! Take care.

    @silversaver888 with Love from the Heart. Only the Best ....

    What a shiny smorgasbord!!!

    Hahaha, in formating this article, it took me forever to put all the photos in because there is just soooo much of it. THIS IS INDEED EPIC!. Hopefully we hit our $1000 target! Cheers, @thedamus!

    getting every ticket I can oh yeah

    Even as I am so steem/sbd poor, I shall hope to buy as much as I can... just like you, @corndogg42. Have a great day, my friend!

    HOLLY - MOLLY that is some cache.

    This is going to be EPIC!!! Let us buy as many tickets as we can! Have a great day, @jasonbu!

    Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold