Vintage Pressed Silver Bar: Aquarius & Leo

Some pressed silver bars may have designs that make them collectors’ items, and when a bar is considered a collectors’ item, the premiums on those bars are higher than usual.

Then there are pressed silver bars collected for their special or commemorative design.

Like most precious metal purchases, in the end, what one buys simply boils down to one's personal preferences.

I am glad that I got these two vintage pressed silver bars when I did because premiums on these have gone up, despite the drop in the silver spot price. I don't know if they have become collectible, but for sure, they are hard to find at reasonable premiums.

Last January, I wanted to have silver bars that depicts the birth sign Aquarius and the birth sign Leo, just to have. I attempted to get silver bars made by the same private mint in that series, but just like any silver bar that has become collectible, the premiums were much higher than I was willing to pay for.

1 oz Silver Aquarius Bar by National Mint

1 oz Silver Leo Bar by Madison Mint

Use the slider to see the back of the bars.

The weight of 1 troy ounce, purity of .999 fine silver, and refiner’s name can be found on the metal’s face for the Aquarius Bar, whereas the same information is found at the back of the Leo Bar.

What is your birth sign? Do you have a silver piece in you stack that commemorates your birth sign or your year of birth?

Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!


It looks like you still have 10 signs to go to have a whole set. Haha!

They do look really interesting and if they have higher premiums, then they sound like a good investment.

LOL, exactly what I told myself... ten to go! Yeah, I will be picking them up should they show up at reasonable prices. There is always one in ebay who don't price their silver base on the "demand". Thanks for being FIRST to comment on this article. I appreciate you!

My birth sign is Taurus. In the Chinese horoscope I am Taurus also, or Bull, or Buffalo. I have a piece in my collection that "commemorates" my birth year:

Okay... so, were you born 1963, or 1949?

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Very cool bars!!!! 😎 I am a Capricorn, but do not collect birth sign silver, however I do like to get as much silver dated with my YOB whenever I can! Awesome post sweetie! See ya tomorrow, my SSFL👊💗

But I thought that you are an Aquarian!

Nope. Janurary 5th 😁

Awesome post and the vintage bars look very good!! I really dig the Aquarius bar, but that is one solid lion. I don't have any zodiac related items in my stack. I am a Pisces, we often suffer from a Superman complex, where we try to save everyone no matter what lol. Fantastic post and thank you for sharing!!

@silversaver888 is going to tell you your birth sign if you comment and Fully UP Vote this post.................

You have a choice to either tell me your birth sign or birth year, @stockjockey!

OK, you mean tonight ??

I’m a Taurus, but never even thought about buying a Taurus bar before.

The National Mint Taurus Bar

That’s me....strong like Bull......🤣🤣🤣
Made it to 60 rep today...😀

Woot, Woot!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, my friend! WTG!!! That was fast!

Very nice bars @silversaver888. I'm a Virgo and no I don't have any zodiak coins or bars. You only have eleven more signs to go, can't forget Ophiucus. :)

OH MY! You are right. But they only made 12, LOL!

I do love some of the vintage stuff. Just has more character than most of the new stuff minted today. I particularly like the National bar.

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