It's been long enough!

Some of you may wonder "is it just one precious?" How many Precious's are there? Well I can only tell you this, there is more than one, in fact there are 5. Now the 5 have never been photographed together but three have.


Thats us, well 3 of us, SSUK always seems to be in some dry land smoking😉. Its hard to light that thing under water. Buggedout, well he is currently bugging out. We have been waiting patiently for that ship that you see in the background to dock. Yeah thats the Monster Raffle ship and it arrived this morning.


So now that the shipped has landed, its time to kick this thing off. Its been over 6 months since the last raffle and to be honest we felt like it was over due.

Now a couple of things have changed but nothing major. We will kick off the donation for 2 weeks, ticket sales will start today. All tickets will be 1 sbd just like last year. Only difference is this year we have an account set up to handle the ticket sales. So all SBD will be sent to @monster-raffle. All 4 of us hold the owners keys to the monster-raffle account, so the funds will be safe. This will also keep it separate from dues and fees that @ssg-community collects.


The draw will be conducted on June 22nd 2019, this will be done live at the 2019 Blockparty in Colorado Springs. So make your plans to attend either in person or on the ssg Discord channel.

So here are your offical rules.

  • You can donate as much as you want. Please make a post with your donations and use the tag monsterraffle. You can also copy your post to the discord channel using the monsterraffle tag.

  • All ticket sales wilL be in SBD.

  • you can buy as many tickets as you want.

  • All SBD will need to be sent to @monster-raffle. Please do not send SBD to the ssg-community account.

  • Entries do not need to be present to win.

  • Have fun and remember " you can't win if you don't buy tickets"

So lets once again light steemit up with MR4 post..

I am @raybrockman and I am proud to be apart of @ssg-community made up with, @buggedout , @thedamus , @welshstacker and @silverstackeruk

Let the Raffle Begin!!!!


I am Proud of you Brother by Stepping UP Early @vgholdingsllc !!!

digs through his stash for worthy donations

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ohh let me see what I can whip up dam I shouldn't have been slacking

Now this is the blockchain event that I've been waiting for! Saving up all those sbds...

... And they say SBD is only good for bidbots...

I've set aside a few SDBs for this.

just in time for my first Curie of the year, too !

now I gotta go make even more digital artworks for sale... hopefully the collectors will hear my siren call and dump a few ethers in my lap for tickets 😉

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I'll come up with some pretty stuff as in proof ...2 oz …. coloured..animal

Time to go down to the vault room! 🤩👍👍

Thank you Ray Now I have a couple of Weeks to Get a donation together...........@ssgcommunity

I Will make a post about donations.. Have some goodies in mind 😜 lol

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Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

Time to go did up the stack and pull something out!👍

Well you would announce this when I am away from home and my stack so cant do a donation post yet.

I'll just have to tease it with the statement that it is long, hard, and hand poured by one of our very own community members. Purchased for this very reason as part of a buy a few months back...

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Hi, is this open to all or members of ssg only?

Hey @treodecimo, thanks for the question. The raffle is open to EVERYONE. In fact we encourage whole of steem participation and welcome it. The more exposure we can achieve the greater the ticket sales we can expect.

Thank you for showing an interest in this monsterraffle and look forward to you buying a ticket or two as well. Please feel free to write your own blog about tge raffle and share it with your followers.

Thank you and good luck.

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