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RE: 2018 Silver Steem Round: Introductory Post - Community Input Requested!

in #steemsilvergold4 years ago (edited)

Can't freaking wait!

My thought is to just double the mintage from 1500 to 3000 that allows for more to get in on it without flooding the market. Or maybe first run of 3000 with the option for a second run?

I think an order limit is a good idea. Maybe 200 or less? 250 seems high, especially if mintage is a around 2500, seems a little wild to have 1 person potentially scoop up nearly 10% of the total. Not to mention if they're being partially subsidized by the community in order to make them more affordable, I don't think we want someone buying a truckload just to turn around and flip them right away...

At any rate I very excited and plan on buy at least a few! I'm still kicking myself for only buying 1 last year haha


We are excited too!! That is definitely a thought to just increase to 3,000. That would add some rarity to the coin! If we did 3,000 I think 200 would be the highest for a max number from a specific user! Keep on stacking the fiat and SBD/Steem so you can back up the truck this year!

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