I Went to the LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) and All I Got Was This Orca on a Silver Round..............

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When I Got Home I Wanted to See What Newport, Oregon was all About So I Went to Bring Up some Pictures...........

Now This Picture is Very Colorful........
I Like Colorful Star Fish, Sea Anemones, and Sea Urchins..........

Newport, Oregon Looks like it would be a Fun Place To Visit.............

SOURCE: Google Images

Here is The One Ounce Silver Round I Picked Up Today and It Looks like it has a STEEM Orca on It, How Cool is That ??

Then We Have This Picture of Newport's Historic Bay Front. Yaquina Bay Bridge is the Largest Landmark and is an important link for Oregon's Pacific Coast Scenic Byway..........

SOURCE: www.planetware.com

Why Do I enjoy Stacking Silver?, because Look at what is on the other Side of this Silver Round.........Yep, You Guessed It the Yaquina Bay Bridge........
How Cool is That ? You Can STACK REAL MONEY (Silver) and Maybe Learn about a Future Vacation Spot........

We Cannot End This Post Without Seeing the Silver Round on the Scale now Can We ?
This One Weighs Pretty Darn Close to what it is Supposed too..........

Then The Flip Side of the Silver Round.......
The SPOT Price of Silver on 3/11/2020 when I Post This is $16.60......

The Price of SILVER is On The Move.........

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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A very beautiful silver round my friend! I have been to Newport, OR and can vouch that it is a beautiful place to vacation. Just down the road (or maybe up the road) is a town called Florence, OR where the sandy beaches are white. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your round and have a nice night @stokjockey!

Thank you for stopping by and Thank you for that Great Information @eliabethbit

When I was college freshman in USF, we went to a theme park called Marine World, and they had an Orca whale. I loved that show! Great silver round, @stokjockey, you find the coolest silver rounds! Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank You Ms. Saver for being the FIRST to comment on this Post. I do come across some cool Stuff and It is a lot more Fun to do Posts when you have something different and unusual to share........I know What you mean Ms. Saver and when I was a little Boy my Mom took me to Marineland of the Pacific on the Palos Verdes Peninsula...............


I like animals on coins/bars and having an animal and a postcard in the same bar is simply amazing, not forgetting the extra 0.2oz.

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Exactly, that is Why Stacking is so much FUN !

"Let's FREE WILLY!" Sorry, almost caved in to Progressive leftist Environmentalist propaganda.
"Let's be FREE of the Banksters!"

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The President sitting down at the Table with the MOBsters/BANKSTERS...........

Ahhh a classic PNW round! Love it! 😍

I just Knew that @dfinney would enjoy seeing Marine Life and some of her stomping grounds.............

I believe I have driven over this bridge, very impressive @stokjockey!!
Well you gained a tiny bit of Silver......
Glad to see you are having some fun on vacation!!🤗

Yes another Ounce to the Stack..............

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