A little love from @armshippie.


Way, way, way, way back and then go back some more, a good friend, @armshippie, was having a fundraising raffle to help support a side project of his (@tyedyefirepower). I was almost unlucky and missed it, but managed to grab one of the last spots in the raffle and I'm so glad I did.


So yep, that's from way back in April 2018, it seems a lifetime ago now doesn't it??

So what was I lucky enough to win:


Living here in the UK, I really hate the fact all our silver coinage was taken out of circulation long before I was even born. I've never kept it a secret how jealous I am of the Yanks and their constitutional silver.

Being the kinda guy Hippie is and knowing how much I love "junk" silver he told me that if I could wait a till he managed to find some other coins he'd included them in the prize.


And boom just like that, the Eagle has landed!!

1963 half dollar
1960 one dime
Unfortunately the quarter dollar has had its date warn smooth, but it's still a kick ass standing liberty (1916-1930).

THANK YOU BUDDY, THEY ARE AMAZING. They are going straight in my keep box, in my safe.



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I've been trying to think of another name for "Junk Silver'...
Perhaps a Contest to Re-Name "Junk Silver" is in Order...


Hahaha. I usually refer to it as constitutional silver. I don't like the term "junk" silver because that's one thing it is NOT! Coukd always start calling it REAL money....

Real Money...??? Well... Money is a Tool to Measure Value... I think we made a Mistake using Silver and Gold in our Coinage, but we do learn from our Mistakes... We don't need a Million Dollar Yard Stick to Measure a Million Dollar Piece of Property... I'm Perfectly Happy using Clad Coinage, as a Tool to Measure Value, instead of using Paper Debt Notes, belonging to the Central Bank "Owners"... Just like you, I don't like our Silver Coinage being called "Junk Silver"...

So glad to finally see these in your hands 😎☠️

Mate, I love them. Thank you for going above and beyond. They are already tucked away with my other (not many) constitutional silver. Thanks again

pew pew 🔫

Thanks for all the constant support welshy!