It's a golden monday: invest in gold, buy a sovereign

The Royal Mint Gold Half Sovereign, minted in South Africa in 1925

Despite being nearly 100yrs old, the 1925, gold Half Sovereign is still considered legal tender in Britain. Technically it has a value of fifty pence, but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone willing to sell you one for anywhere near that price. I wrote a post a few days ago, talking about the possibility of having to pay tax on any profits made from cryptocurrency, but thanks to its "legal tender status", the gold sovereign coin is Capital Gains Tax exempt. This proves very beneficial to an investor hoping to see the price of gold rise to flip and make a profit. Since this means that no matter how much the coin appreciates in value, any profit you make on it will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax.


The sovereign is one of the most recognisable coins in the world. The Half Sovereign is struck in 22 carat gold (916.7 fineness) and features the traditional St. George and the dragon design on its reverse side, and the bust of the reigning Monarch on the obverse. The Half Sovereign weighs 3.99g and contains exactly 3.6575g of pure gold. In 1925, King George the V was the reigning UK monarch, and so it is his image that appears on the coin.


I picked up my 1925, golf half sovereign a few years ago now, and since then the price of gold has continued to climb.... We're experiencing a little drop in price at the moment, and this is my key indicator to buy even more gold sovereigns, and I highly recommend you do the same to.

Gold sovereigns are usually sold for their weight, with the exception of a few key dates and older versions, so can be picked up relatively cheap from any reputable coin dealer.

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We were just talking about Sovereigns Saturday, I personally agree with you, one of my favorite Gold coins. The Mrs has a pair of earrings with bezels each holding a matched date Half Sovereign.😊
Where I live the premium on these coins can be recouped “if” you ever sell.
Over 100 years .....
Bullion spot price plus a premium that also allows a higher sell back price unlike some premiums
Recognized and accepted worldwide....
That’s a winner in my stacking book!🤗