The Steem Sister Show - Episode 04 // Our Wildest Customer Service Experiences

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Steem Sister Show!

Your hosts are @coruscate and @maryjaney. Two sisters using the Steem blockchain to chat about our life experiences and provide a little entertainment value to our fellow Steemians. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported this show so far and has been following along on this crazy ride!

What is the Steem Sister Show All About?

We aim to bring more “non-crypto” related content to the Steem Blockchain. Although there is nothing wrong with this kind of content (@corsucate even posts on crypto related material sometimes) – we want to help create a better onboarding experience for new users. We talk a lot about attracting new users to the platform – but if the trending page is filled with crypto posts and flagging wars, they are likely to lose interest quickly.

We hope that by creating content that is more similar to what they are used to seeing on other social media sites – they will feel more excited about being here and creating content of their own! If they see this type of content being celebrated here… they are more likely to engage.

How Does It Work?

We pick a topic every week, and then throw totally random questions about that topic in a hat and go back and forth. We always have a mix of our own questions and some audience questions. Our rule is that we cannot tell each other our answers before filming! So you guys are getting our raw, unfiltered reactions here.

Every week we announce the next week’s topic so people can submit questions.

Want to win some SBD??

If we chose to answer your question in the next show… we will send you 2 SBD! Now that’s some easy money.

This Week’s Topic – Our Wildest Customer Service Experiences

Last week, we were chatting about the fact that have both worked tons of customer service jobs and probably have a ridiculous amount of stories. We got a mix of question from the audience regarding some funny moments, and questions about the work in general.

I think this is our best episode yet! We both have a lot to say on this topic!

Here is a list of the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • ”What is your grossest customer service story?” (You guys don’t want to miss this one… both of our stories are HORRIBLE)
  • Audience question from @felix.herrmann - “What was the worst attempt someone made to get your phone number?”
  • Audience question from @ralk98 - “What is the most demanding customer you have ever worked with?”.
  • Audience question from @oxygen02 – “What do you do if someone asks a question you don’t know the answer to?”
  • ”What makes a customer annoying?” (Basically… in the words of @bethwheatcraft… don’t be a douche canoe. Thanks for the sage wisdom Lady Steem)
  • ”What is one of your most unexpected customer service experiences?” (Mary’s story is really sweet… and Lea’s is … unexpected.)
  • ”What is the meanest thing you have ever done to a customer?” (Don’t worry… neither of us have spat in your food)

We try to keep each episode to approximately 20 minutes… and so we are working on getting through each question faster so we can cover more topics in each episode!

By the way… stick around to the end for an embarrassing outtake…

Next Week’s Topic : Habits and Rituals

Next week’s topic is going to be a bit more uplifting as we discuss various daily/weekly/monthly habits we each have to improve our lives. For example… what does our morning routine look like? What kind of habits do we build into our day to help us live a healthier, happier and more balanced life? We will also discuss what habits we WANT to implement, but are struggling to make a reality.

If you have any questions regarding this (semi vague) topic – please shoot them below! If we answer your question next week – we will send you 2 SBD!

That’s a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed watching this week’s episode about Customer Service! We certainly had a fun time filming it and swapping crazy stories! If any of you have ever worked a customer service job… it would be fun to hear one of your craziest stories too!

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next week!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@corsucate and @maryjaney

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Fun show. I have a radio show on sunday nights through the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel. It's at 9pm EST. I'd love to have you on the show. Come find me in Discord if you're interested.

Thanks for checking out our show @aggroed! 😃 I am honored that you would want to have me on your radio show! I’ll send you a discord message to touch base.

Ha ha I love you guys. This is the best show on Steemit!! #SSS FOR LIFE

Yay!! Thanks for being our biggest fan! Hehe


Hey thanks for watching☺️

Keep on going, we need more creators on steemit.

Fun stories you two! I have some crazy ones from back when I was a pizza delivery dude in college... People can be weird, lol.

Ok, for your questions: Is there any type or item of food that you eat or drink just about every day?

Hey Scott! I would love to here more about your pizza delivery stories from back in the day 😂 I love that question I feel like me and Lea will have the same answer!

Hi @maryjaney! Oh... the worst stories probably aren't for the blockchain, lol. Looking forward to hearing your answer if you pick that question. Have a great day!

Great series @coruscate and @maryjaney. My question for next week's show is...what type of self talk do you each have in the mornings? For instance...would you tell yourself, "it's going to be a great day", or "I am worthy". Things of that nature.

Ken my friend! Thanks for watching and awesome question! Self talk is such an important part of your overall happiness and state of mind!

i wonna one thing that u r damn cute :P

Go steem sisters!!! This isn’t in any way a bad idea, steemit isn’t about crypto crypto crypto, let’s have educative and informative shows like this. And I’d definitely send my question on Habits and rituals. What an interesting question. This is so nice to behold

The Steemit Sister's Show has the potential to become huge! Good luck with show!

I know how to drive a forklift too :-). Actually is fun to drive around with these small machines :-)

Great job Steem Sisters, what about the wallpaper in the background, did You make it?

Awesome show! Thank god for non crypto content! :c)

Finally the steem hat chose my question!

Lol, it was fun to see you misspelling my name haha. It must have been frustrating for you guys to have to put up with people like that without being able to say anything

The guy who got his thumb cut off and the two weeks old food totally grossed me out, I felt like vomiting, lol. Specially with the food, because I know old food can smell really really horrible!

On the other hand the tantrum that guy made for being rejected and that creepy guy you went on a date with gave me a good laugh xD

My question for the next episode:

Do you make a To-do list to remember what you have to do in the week?

Thank you for the giveaway and keep it up with the great videos! n.n

Quite interesting stuff here. Keep the fire burning.

Many successful sisters steemit, @coruscate.

Hi, Cool show ladies! here is my question for the next show about habits: which are your favorite hobbies?

and one thing more it can be as "SSS".

I sure enjoyed it, you guys are just amazing!

You’re such a sweetheart! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

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@coruscate this is a new kind of show "steem sister show" .nice idea .now it make me to think to create a show like steem brothers show .. i tried to take part in your show ..thanks dearss

Very nice episode!

thx for the sbd


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Looks like you have a successful show featuring the sister power! Here is my question for next episode: What is a traditional or routine that both of you always have to do during Christmas?

Keep doing this steem sisters!

Great show steem sisters. You are doing good, looking beautiful as alway's .
My question for next weeks show.

What is the worst habit that you want to quit doing?

God bless you sisters.

I'd like to hear what eating habbits you have, whether you eat once or twice in a day, or you have like 3 main meals and some snacks in between?

Awsome! Great and wait to see post of your 😊

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Great video. Very informative. I want to work there if it's a party. LOL

SteemSisterShow educates a lot, keep it up @coruscate and @maryjaney. Thanks for the SBD...I have a lot of questions on next week topic but my favorite of it all is

what is the first thing you do in the morning when you get up?

I am so sorry @coruscate but this is my first time watching you guys do the steem sister show. And I love it. you and your sister make a great team together, I wish me and my brother had a bond like that.
Love how positive you guys are.
Good vibes from us over in the UK

Talk about sleaziest, cheesiest, pickup lines, if you wanna, if you haven't already, maybe next episode. Good work, Steem Sisters. Great show. Great video. Very fun. Very interesting. I'm Oatmeal.

Hi Oatmeal 👋 We covered that question in our love dating relationships episode! The worst one I remembered is having someone ask for a band aid because he fell from heaven falling for you or something. Have you ever had a terrible pick up line?

I can pickup a sugar pack from the ground and ask you if you lost your name tag.

I love your show pretty ladies. You rocked my day.! Thank you..

That’s so sweet! Thanks for watching! ☺️

My pleasure. I'm actually inspired, because you have a strong ensemble which is lacking in choral works these days. Your improve skill are dope. It's like you've both taken Keith Johnston's lesson on listening and responding..