@Aussieninja Came To Visit The Steem Sisters!!

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This was an EPIC moment in the history of the Steem Sister Show! One of our absolutely favorite steemians @aussieninja was visiting Vancouver, BC and made the trek down to Bellingham to come hang out with us!

We had such an incredible evening of good conversation, wine and going out for sushi! We decided to just turn on the camera and see where the conversation took us! I hope you guys enjoy this fun video of us just hanging, chatting and laughing. The intro to this video totally makes me crack up.

@aussieninja - thank you, thank you for coming to visit us!! It was such a fun and memorable evening!

Ps... we tried to take a normal photo - but he totally scared us right as the photo was about to be taken! Hence why Mary looks slightly terrified.

Ps #2... we are totes magotes splitting this post payout with @aussieninja!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney


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@aussininja is one of the funniest and most awesome Steemian I've met. That was a very fun video to watch.

YES! Oh man we hung out for hours and we could have kept chatting for hours more! I totally remember when you and Karen met up with him in Portland! You guys made some super fun videos together.

Thanks for stopping by and i'm glad you enjoyed watching our little chat! :)

@steemsistershow .. how brilliant ! great to see @aussieninja ... appearing in your show -- like poof he appears !

hahah yes! If only we could have all our favorite steemians just show up like that! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed our fun little video! :)

Whoa!!!!! This is AMAZING! I can't believe the Intro worked out so well... so exciting! This is easily the best Monday night I've ever had in my entire life.

Thanks for having me @steemsistershow - it really was amazing to actually meet you in person (they are literally exactly the same on and off camera, ie, amazing) and to be on the actual show that I've loved watching over the past few months.

I seriously can't wait to see Lea at SteemFest 3, everyone is going to have an absolute ball!

I somehow just wanna go out for some sushi after the show.. LOLOL ps. Love the intro hahaha didn't expect that coming :D

Yaaay! I’m glad you enjoyed our video! The intro was totally my favorite part. We were dying right after filming it!

Your welcome to come over for sushi anytime!! Hahah Cuz I know your in the Seattle area on the regular. 😜

HAHAHA So much fun once again from the @steemsistershow , what a great guest @aussieninja to have come and visit you guys @coruscate & @maryjaney , thats soooo awesome! As I will be moving back to the country soon with my hubby Gaston , and no longer working , im curious how you tape these shows , is your hubby around or at work at the time!? lol , im so used to doing everything and blogging on my own either from work , or late nights at the apartment by myself , im not sure how its going to be once my hubby is always going to be around in the evenings from now on , hahahaha! any sugestions!? thanks ! upped and resteemed!👭💕✌👍💁

hahah we both TOTALLY get your concern!! Up until recently, I lived seperate from my boyfriend and Mary lived in a small apartment with hers. For both of us - having a seperate room to film where we can close the door has been super helpful.

It's not only a little weird to have someone right there when you are trying to film - but it's kind of hard to ask someone else to be quite for a while... ya know? If you have a separate space where you can close the door and film - that would probably be the most comfortable! If not... It probably gets easier over time. :)

Good luuuuck! Can't wait to see your new place out in the country! Sounds like it will be lovely. :)

Thanks for the information @coruscate , i guess I will soon find out , im not posting videos right now anyways after dlive left , but I guess in the future I might depending what happens. hes usually gone to work all day anyways lol! when I first move we will be in an addition or half of the house that being finished on the weekend with the roof going on that will be atatched to our camping trailer , we will put in a wood stove then insulate it while we live in it! befor it snows, we build as we get money to do it! we all ready owe a friend 4.,000.00 just to build this half last weekend which Gaston will pay off slowly back to his boss , by working . Once I find time to go out there and have pictures to take I will post it , such as it is lol! next summer will be better once we try to finish the other half that will add on the new kitchen ! Stay tuned !👍✌💕💁

I always forget that there's such a big presence here in the PNW. Not sure how I feel about Canada being the "upper" PNW, though -- maybe the states should be the "lower" PNW...

Edit: I just remembered that I'm actually further south than Bellingham... Vancouver Island for the win!

Oooh your on the Island? I LOVE it over there! Mary and I have family in Comox and Cambell River - so we grew up visiting the island at least once a year. When I was a little baby I lived in Port Hardy because my dad was a pilot for bush planes.

I feel like there are a couple steemians over on the island. Maybe next time we head over that way we'll have to do a little meetup or something!

hahaha. Thats funny :D