Vans Pro Skate Demo 2003 Playstation Skate Park, London - Dustin, Greco, Rowley etc..

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vans demo playstation 2003 frame sharp.jpg

Dtubers, Steemians and Steemskaters! I have a REAL treat for you today! =)
My bro found a bunch of old camera tapes from nearly 20 years ago and one of them had this PRICELESS footage!

Dustin Dollin, Jim Greco, Geoff Rowley, Danny Wainwright, Evan Hernandez and other International Pro's from the Vans Skate team, when they came to London for an afternoon at Playstation Skatepark (nowadays called Bay 66), on the 2003 'Pleased to Meet You' world tour.

This footage was donated to me by a friend to put online on my youtube channel with all my other old UK contests and event videos and here on as well!(cheers Tom!)

Filmed from the sidelines, you get a real taste of the atmosphere that all the UK events had. Really feels like being there, on that cold day not far off 20 years ago!

Being at the height of the Baker and PissDrunx craze, all eyes were on Dustin Dollin and Jim Greco, who both came through with the hammers everyone was expecting. But with it being a UK event, Geoff Rowley also was a true crowd favourite. Casually displaying his truely legendary and timeless style of skateboarding.

Vans shoes sales probably went up in London after this day, as this demo was the talk of the town for long after! Classic UK skate contest style atmosphere with world class pro's from Baker Skateboards, Flip Skateboards and more. Love it!!

Thanks for watching!
LOVE is all


Dude, Geoff was floating around the park. That BS Hell was SO GOOD! Dollin has always been delivering as he did in this video. This was indeed a real treat Mark!
Thanks bro, really enjoyed watching it. Great vibes all around the contest!

Thanks bro, yeah Rowley's tail grab over the jump box got me so hyped!
I been having a little bit of trouble with the new cross posting system and the communities stuff and what to do. I thought I had it figured out but I need to re-watch your guides! Apologies if I am doing it wrong!

No need to cross post your videos bro. Let's leave things as they were. Just make sure you vote for witnesses. Check the latest post from @steemskate

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