{ REMINDER } Steemskate Bounty Contest. Participate and win SKATE TOKENS + Bonus SKATE TOKENS for Delegators

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Hello everyone


If you take a look at our previous posts, you will see that the first skateboarding token on Steem Blockchain will be issued on Steem-Engine on 10 September.
In order to celebrate our token creation, we are throwing in a contest so you can also get your hands on that token.

Steemskate Bounty Contest

We will be giving 10,000 SKATE TOKENS for free. Here is what you have to do :

  • Write a blog post or film a video talking about us (@steemskate). You can talk about your personal experience with Steemskate, about the people you met or if you just found out about us you can just spread the word that the SKATE TOKEN will be launching soon.
  • Use #Steemskate as your first and #Skatetoken as your second tag
    Your Blog must be more than 200 words and videos must be over 1 minute
  • Link you post to your social media and post a screenshot bellow. That can be Twitter, facebook, instagram etc.

The deadline for Steemskate Bounty Contest will be on September 8.
People who participated will be sharing 10,000 SKATE TOKENS.

Delegate and Earn SKATE TOKENS

Delegators will be receiving a certain ammount of the minted tokens meant for them (600,000) monthly depending on the ammount of SP they delegated.That means that they will share 50,000 tokens monthly (600,000 Tokens / 12 months = 50,000). The higher the delegation, the more tokens on your Steem-Engine wallet.
The Steem Power Delegated to us will be used to vote exclusively skateboarding content and give all skaters the appropriate support. Whether we like it or not, a big upvote is a huge motivation.

Latest @Steemskate Posts

If you want to learn more about SKATE TOKEN or about our community check out our latest posts :

We are the #steemskate family

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SKATE TOKEN sounds really good and amazing.

It is bro.
I would love to see more people participating in the bounty contest though. We must rep @steemskate as hard as we can.
After all, the more people now about us the more will delegate and buy SKATE TOKENS so that means higher @steemskate upvote.

I am working in my post friends a lot of love to all, this community will grow enormously.

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